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Exclamation life is a place of torture(fanfic)

Life is a place of torture

I’m an ugly girl who live in an ugly house with my mom and my brother, but he passed away 2

months ago. Today is Tuesday which means school for me. It’s a place I called hell and soon you

will know why I gave it the name. I walk out of the front door and headed to school. When I got

there it started to rain. Great! Now what’s next?! I thought as I enter my first period class. “

ewwWWwww!!!! LOOK WHO’S HERE!” cried Nancy as her friends behind her also said the

same thing. I didn’t bother to look at them only smile to myself as I thought of how childish

those b!tch are. the class began with worksheets that took me along time to finish since I’m not

one of the nerd in school. There was silence in the room until the bell ring and everybody got up

to leave. Like usual I was the last one out, but that doesn’t stop someone from trying to trip me. I

saw it coming and before I do anything else I grab the guy who try to trip me by his shirt. I threw

a fist at his left eye. “ try that stupid trick one more time and I’ll make sure you’ll never see

again.” I threaten him and with that I walk to my next class. “You ugly b!tch!!! why won’t you

do us a favor and get out of this school! No body likes you!. True, nobody likes me from the

beginning, but I never give a ****.

Through out the whole period everyone would start a mess with me or make fun of the way I

look. It was 3:oo p.m and the last bell had rang. I walk out of the building and notice it was raining. “... and to think I could get home without getting wet.” I sigh.

I ran as fast as I could until a car pass by and while throwing foods and drinks at me like I’m

some kind of trash can. My entire body now smell like **** as food slide down my face. I wiped it

away just when I heard laughter coming out of the car. I quickly pick up some food on the ground
and throw it back at them before they can drive away. They stop the car immediately and got out.

They ran toward me with angry looking face. They were ready to throw some punches. I fought
back and knock four guys at a time as one more headed my way. She try to pull my hair as I bent

down on the ground to grab a handful of food that was thrown at me. I smash it on her face. She

scream in disgust. “ AHHHHHHHHAHHHHHH!!!! you B!TCH! I’m gonna make you pay!!

GRRRRR!!!!!!....” I laugh at how ridiculous she looks. “ hahhaha! And how are you going to do

that?” I was laughing and didn’t know the guy I knocked down is now standing behind me.

Before I could react he threw his arms around my neck. Trying to strangle me I didn’t whatever I

can to get him off me, but it was no use. I knew any minute now I won’t be able to breath so I

use my thumb and push it hard against his neck. Trying my best to choke him as well. When he

loosen his arms I quickly turn around and kick him hard on the stomach. As he fell down I ran

toward him and punch him even more than before until he’s unconscious. I realize then that I was

breathing hard and my anger had taken control of me. I stop. What am I doing? I can’t let myself

be like them. As the thought of it ran through my head. Standing up I turn around and face the

others, but my vision was getting blurry as the rain begin to rain harder. When I arrive home I ran

straight up stairs ignoring what my mom had to say. Few minutes later I walk down stairs finding

my mother’s eyes on the t.v I walk pass her to the kitchen as I look around for food. She came up

to me holding a stick. Right there I knew I’m going to get punish for ignoring her. She push me

on the floor and hit me until my back was bleeding then she send me to my room. I went to the

restroom and clean the mess she left behind. When I was done I stare I at the mirror. Can I get

any worse than this? The thought of it makes me laugh. My eye browns was connected, my eyes

are too small. And everything about me is so mess up. Instead of crying I laugh.... I laugh it off

like I always do....

“ yo! Ugly B!tch over there! One of the guys from the gang called Black Eyes shouted at me. I
Kept walking to my class without caring what they would do to me if I continue to ignore them.

A hand grabs me by my arm and turn me around. “Look HOE. When I.....” he said then suddenly

paused. “ what do you want ****er?” I stare up at him with my cold eyes. Still he didn’t reply

except his eyes never blink. I felt annoy so I pull away from him and disappear around the


<B>The guy POV. (Dongwan)</B>

Her different....why is it a mixture of black and blue?.....for some reasons it’s very

attractive. - thinking to himself he didn’t hear his buddy called.

“Hey dawg what’s wrong? Why didn’t you slap that b!tch?” his friend Alex ask with a concern look on his face, because Dongwan never let anyone curse at him even a girl.


“ hey! Did you hear me?” He ask again.

“ sorry man, what did you said?” Dongwan ask with his eyes still facing the corner where Ashley

had disappear from.


“ I ....I just feel sorry for her....I think”- says dongwan trying to come up with a lie.

“ what the....hahahha! YOU? Feel sorry for HER? WOW! This is something new. Hahahha!

Dawg that ain’t funny. You scare me there. Hahahha!” - Alex swung his arm around his

bestfreind’s shoulder still laughing at what Dongwan had said as they walk to class.

I wonder if I get to see her again...

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Back to Ashley

After school....

I grab my stuff and swung it behind me hitting someone on the head. “ ouch!!!!” She yell as

she push my against the wall next to the stars way . “ you ugly cow! You mess up my hair! Do

you know who how much it cost me to get it done and looking pretty like this?!” As her hand

was up in the air ready to slap me I caught it and pull her by her hair. “ look ms. I’m so popular .

I don’t give a fu/ck about your hair and I surely don’t care how much time you put in it, but I’m

telling you this if you try to hit me I’ll make sure your hair will never grow back. You got that?”

She didn’t take my threat so seriously. “ what are you standing there for?! You guys are my

friends and I’ll pay you if one of you can beat her for me.” she order her friends.

None of them move, because they knew if they try to do anything I’ll pay them back double or

maybe triple. You see I’m not a bad person. I can be nice or mean to you depends on how you

treat me and what kind of person you are. I wouldn’t fight people in my school if they had leave

me alone. My life started out like crap and it still those. My dad ran off with some woman 10

years younger than him and because of my brother’s death two months later my mom had

blame everything on me. I would’ve been mad, because it wasn’t my fault he ran away and it

wasn’t my fault my brother died because of a car accident. She hated me...yes my mom, but I

love her and I didn’t blame her for hating me. It was too much for her and because I understands

how she feels I let her put her anger and hate on me. What more can I do? She’s my mom who

carry me for nine months. Who fed and took care of me. Maybe not anymore, but still a mother is

still a mother to me besides she’s the only person left that I care about. Since little I was picked
on and now I still am. I never understand why they hated me so much. I never did them wrong. I was a true friend and I also had a best friend who says “ I’ll always be there for you , I promise.” I

knew it ‘s too good to be true, but still I trusted her and love her like a sister, but she betrayed me

and she backstabbed me. Instead of being there for me when the crowd are against me she went

with the crowd and left me there to face everything alone. So now I’m use to being alone and

matter of fact I would prefer to be lone, because there’s no one I can trust or believe in except for

ME, MYSELF, AND I. That’s all I need and will ever need.


I was a mile away from home when a group of gang block my way. “That’s the b***h that hit me

the other day. Now I want you to kick her ass for me.” it was the same girl from yesterday. “You

sure that’s her and not someone else?” dongwan ask hoping she had mistaken me with someone

else. She stomp angrily. “Are you my boyfriend or hers?!” with that he and his crew began to beat me up. I fight back as much as I can, but there was too many of them on me at once. As I heard her laughter sounding more satisfy a guy punch me hard on the side of my stomach. I held it tight as I fall to the ground. I wanted to see who it was that gave me this pain. I couldn’t see well, because I had bruises on both eyes and my mouth is bleeding. I try my best to focus on the person and it was dongwan. “He’ll pay for this” I told myself . Soon his gang were gaining on me. “Stop that’s enough” he order. As they turn to leave he bend down to face me. “ I didn’t want this to happen...” the words cam out of his mouth in a sad tone as his hand reach out to touch my face, but I push it away. “ I won’t for this day neither will I forget what you hit me.” His eyes look hurt after what I had said.

Dongwan POV

A few hours later he and Ellen ( his girlfriend) went out to eat at a resturant. “ honey, I just bought this new dress for tonight. What do you think about it?” she ask as she stood up from her chair while dongwan’s mind had wonder somewhere else. She must hate me for what I did to her this afternoon. Sigh. What...why am I worrying about that for? I don’t like I? NO.... of course not. I mean look at her...besides I’m in love with Ellen. She’s the most beautiful girl I ever met..... “ honey?” Ellen said in a quiet tone. Still he didn’t answer her. “ honey, did you hear me?” she ask while shaking his hand. “Huh?...uh yea! I heard you.” he look at her up and down then knew immediately that she must’ve been talking about the pink dress. “ it looks beautiful on you, babe. Just then the waiter came in with their food. “ let’s eat. I’m hungry.” he says while digging in his food. “Wait! Dongwan!” She was trying to stop him from eatting like a pig. “ honey.... can you eat properly? I don’t like the way you eat. Besides how many times had I told you about this? You don’t want my dad to think you don’t have any manners now do you?” She try not to sound like she’s making him do it but instead ask him to. He felt annoy. “Ok..fine.” she didn’t want him to be mad at her so for the whole time while they were eating she sweet talk to him.

Ashley POV

One more year.....just one more year and I’m out of this place. Throughout the year bad things keep on following me wherever I go. A couple of months later I graduate from high school. When I got home, someone had broken into my home. I walk in the front door finding everything a mess. MOM . . . the thought of her scared me. I was afraid the robber had done something bad to her. I search everywhere, but I didn’t find her so I search upstairs. When I got there, I found four men standing on top of her naked body and one of them was holding a knife. I look at the knife and it was dripping with my mom’s blood. Anger rushes in me as I headed toward them and beat every one of them up badly to where you can’t see their face. I look at my mom who was laying on the bed not moving. I move slowly toward her and cover her body with a blanket. I examine the wound on her neck and notice the blood had been try minutes ago. Those bastards! They had cut her neck, but not too deep to where she can still breathe a little before rapping her. The pain was too much for me and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I held onto her as I cry like I never cried before. After the funeral I did a research on those guys since the police didn’t want to do anything about it. I found out their members of the black eyes. The gang had four different groups and more than 700 people had joined them over the pass few years. Each group names follow by their leaders nicknames. Red dragon took control of the north side while Snake is on the south. West was given to tiger and east was in the hand of big J. Four of the guys that killed my mom was members of Red Dragon. I also found out that dongwan was in that group too. One day when I’m rich and powerful I’ll kill them all. ONE BY ONE . . .

Since my mom pass away I’ve been living on the street. One night as I was walking down the alley, I saw two men. “ Give me your money old man!” The guy was holding a knife forcing the rich man while waiting for him to empty his pocket. Why is that rich man so calm when he’s being rob? “Hear. Take it and let me be.” The robber took the money and was about to run off, but I stop him by hitting him hard on the head when he wasn’t looking. He fell to the ground and as he stood up . . . ”I’m going to kill you both!” he shouts. I grabbed his hand and twisted it as he let go of the knife. I pull him down toward my knee as I use it to hit him on the chin which send him flying to the ground again. I walk up to him not knowing that he had an extra knife in his pocket. I pull him up as he stabs me and then back away when he saw no reaction coming from me. I didn’t feel anything when the knife went into my stomach. It wasn’t too deep as to where I was going to die. I look at him smiling as my face was calm as always. I threw a couple of punches at his face and grab the money from him as he ran away. I handed it back to the old man as he says “thank you” and I began to walk away . . .

Old man POV (Mr. Woo)

This girl must be the one the fortune-teller said will make me the most powerful man in Korea and my company would grow triple if I can convince her to be my daughter.

“ Wait!” what’s your name?” I ask the girl. She stops.

“Does it matter? Hah!” with that she continues to walk down the alley.

“ Come with me. From now on you’re working for me.” I stated as I begin to walk out of the alley too.

“ Why should I?” the girl stops to look at me.

“ I’m offering you a job, because you save me.” I lied

“ Thanks, but I didn’t save you to get something back in return.” Hearing this made me feel a little better, because I was afraid she might take everything that belongs to me after I adopt her

“ Then I’ll take you home as a return for saving me back there.” (By now they are out of the dark

“ I’m a beggar.”

“ Are you hungry?”


“Then come with me.”

Ashley POV

I didn’t bother arguing back, because I had starved myself for four days. I follow him to his limo

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and a guy open the passenger’s door for us.

“ Where were you when I was being robbed?” he asks the man calmly.

“What . . . ! I...I...this won’t happen again, sir. I’m very sorry.” The man grew scared.

Before the rich man enters the car he told his body guard . . . ” when we get home, you’ll be punish.”

The guy face begin to look pale. Why is he so scare of an old man? I thought to myself before

entering the passenger sit. While we were on the road the man ask me about my wound.

“I’ll be fine. It’ll stop bleeding soon.”

“ I never saw a girl as calm as you when things go wrong.... Tell me your name.” he command.


“That’s a sweet name, but it doesn’t suit you well. What’s you last name?”

“ I don’t have one.”

“ I see. My name is Kevin woo, but Mr. Woo would be fine.”

When we arrive I notice how big the mansion is. It was the side of 6 two-stories house put

together. The outside of the house was painted with rich color and so was the inside...

The door open and we walk in. Each side of the door stands 10 maids. Each dress differently.

He nodded his head and immediately the maids knew what to do. Before they took me upstairs

he gave me a little speech. “ they will take care of your wound and dress you up nicely for

dinner. “ I thank him as I follow10 of the maids up stairs. We walk into the room that was set

for me. It turn on the light by itself as I took a quick glance of the room. The room was the side

of two master bedroom put together and the wall was painted with light orange which makes the

room look so comfortable for a guess to stay in. The bathroom was the color of dark fusica or so

I think. The room was about the side of one master bedroom. Two of the ten maids warm up the
bubble bath for me as three undress me and three more took care of my wound. The rest went to

pick out some clothes for me to wear. They were really friendly to me which makes me feel very happy, because over the years no one liked me. I change into bebe sports and thank them for

helping me. I was well taught with good manners in front of elders from my brother. I arrive

downstairs just in time for dinner. I waited for him to start first, because it’s not polite to eat

before an elder. He look at me confuse. “ why aren’t you eating?” he ask with the chopstick in

his hands. “I’m waiting for you to start first, sir.” He smiled as he took a slice of chicken and put

it on my plate. Now it was my turn to be confuse. “ Eat. “ he order so I did.

I can feel his eyes looking at me while I’m eating. I hate it when people do that. I know I’m ugly so stop looking. I said it out loud in my mind. “ aren’t you hungry?” he suddenly ask.


“Then why are you eating so slow?”

“ I was taught by my brother to eat with manners while I’m at someone house.”

“ I see. Are you two close?”

“Not really. “

“ where is he now?”

“ dead.”

“ I’m sorry my dear.”


“ I believe you must be an orphan since you’re a beggar.”

“Yes” while we continue to eat he never stop talking.

“ you know, I can see you and I have a lot in common.” he says. Right there I knew he wanted to ask me something.

“ are you planning to ask me something, but not sure if you should ask now?”
He smile and it became wider. “ you’re very clever. I didn’t ask the question yet and you already

knew what I was about to say. Then tell me what I’m planning to ask you?”

“ since you ask about my life and found out I’m an orphan, you must want to adopt me.”

He clap his hands happily. “ VERY CLEVER INDEED! What do you think?”

“ sorry, but no thanks. I don’t need you to feel sorry for me. I can make it through this world on my own.” with that I stand up to leave.

“ where are you going my child? Come, come....” he stood up and lead me towards the sofa.

“ Come and work for me. I need someone as clever as you to help me with things.” I look at

him. “ I’ll pay you double.”

I thought about it. Working, that’s what I need right now ......a job. One that is successful.

“ I don’t want you to pay me double I just want to be pay according to how you paid your employee.”

“ don’t you want those extra money to go shopping or do whatever you want with it?” he ask

trying to see if I was into money.

“ no. I can still do my shopping with the money I get paid. The money I work is enough for me.
I’m not into money like you think I am.”

He laugh. “ GOOD! By the look of you I can tell you’re not a bad person. Starting tomorrow
you’ll be working for me and since you’re working for me you can live here.” he headed for the

“ no thanks. I’ll find myself a place to sleep.”

“Where? On the street? You can stay here as a rent if you like. I’ll take the money from your paycheck as a rental from now on. Now....go to bed.”

Before he left I quickly thank him, because I surely don’t want to sleep with the mice for another day.

mMMMm.....I guess there’s nothing for me to worry about, but I still have to watch out for this girl. She’s too clever and she seems to know what will happen next.


Ashley POV.

We arrive in front of a huge building that holds 15 floors or more. Everyone greet him as we enter. Some were looking at me wondering who I am. Others laugh as they eyeing me while whispering something to each other. We took the elevator to the top floor. Mr.woo walk to his office as three men follow behind.


“Ashley, from now on you’ll be my secretary. Your office is on the right. Mr. Kwon will show you the way.” he sat on his chair.

I nodded my head and exit his office after he had stop me and Mr. Kwon. “At 1:00p.m. there’s an important meeting. So don’t forget to come.”


“ everybody this is my new secretary! Please welcome her.” With that everyone greet me with a soft smile as I fake one of my own. Since my mom past away I never smile again. The meeting starts right after Mr. Woo sat down and gave a sign for everyone to take a sit.

he speaks (Mr. Woo)

“Tell me what’s new today?”

A man stand up as he speaks “ there’s a new marketing in stock. It’s called the G.N.S. Which is known as the best one in the last couple of weeks.”

Mr. Woo thought about it for awhile.... “Ashley, tell me dear... what do you think about this?”

“ I did a little research on it and compare to R.N.A. which was known as the best for over years is now on the second rating. Which is very odd. How can a company that is so great suddenly became the second on rating? G.N.S. can be known as the best for now, but have you ever thought that a newly grown company would make it to the top so easily?”
The same man stood up to speak again. “Yes, but what can you say when it is being backup by four of the greatest company?”

“True, but four of those companies would not support it fully if something bad happens. Behind
four of those companies, they had been hiding and shipping illegal things which has to do with the stock .

I went to check it out today and notice one of the employee was sent by the government. Out of the 30 ships 20 are the biggest and 10 are the regular ones. Out of the 20 biggest ship 5 of them had been shipping illegal things which if they get got, each one is already over a million dollars. Six of the regular ships are in bad shapes.

They workers are not happy with the fact that they have to work hard and get pay very little each day since the companies decided to use the money for their own goods. So you see, in about a couple of years they’ll get caught and if we sign the contract with them for a year we could still be in great danger and this company would be in the hands of the government control.

We may be in fifth place, but if those four companies goes down soon we will be the number one company.” With that I sat down as everyone thought about it for awhile.

Soon everyone was clapping. “ excellent work, ashley!!! you’ve only been here for a day and already you understand how the company goes.” as they walked out of the door I notice the guy who spoke up had an anger expression. He must be with them... I thought to myself.

So a couple of months pass by as I continue to keep a close eyes on him. His name was David Lee. His past and personal life are still unknown. Every day I get new update on him from a professional detector I had hired. Soon all the information I needed was in my hand.

A year before the company G.N.S. and the four other companies was got MR.Woo company was known as the richest one still standing. I knew the government would soon want to take control of his company so one day I had a private meeting with him to discuss about it.


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“ Mr. Woo, you do know that sooner or later the government would try to take control of your company too. “

“ yes, I know my dear. What have you come up with?”

“My choice is to become friends with them. Gain their trust. What do you think sir? I still have other plans to go with it, but I’ll discuss it with you when the time is right.”

“ sure.”
“ I have something else to tell you, Mr. Woo. “
“ what is it, child ?”

“ David Lee. Who is he?”

“ one of my top employees. He take care of the money.”

“ sorry to say this sir, but you should watch out for him. I hired a detective to keep an eye on him and I found out he use to work for SM company. He had been taking your money without you knowing everyday. He’s not a trustworthy person , sir.”

he got angry “ WHAT! That kid took my money?”

“ yes, and I heard after this month he’s planning to quit and move away...with your money.”

“ I’m going to kill the KID!” He hit the table angrily.
“ no sure. You should what for the right moment.”

And so the day came where David was leaving to the airport carrying two baggage that are loaded with money.

I walk out of the black BMW car as three other cars also stop behind me. We headed inside calmly. “ you six go that way.” I order. “ and the rest follow me.

I found me standing in the corner and as I ran towards him he ran just when he saw me.

We chase after him for a minute until I find those ridiculous. I stop and hide behind a corner waiting for him to pass by. He did and as he continue to walk without knowing I was there. I grab my silver gun behind my back and shot him on the ankle. As he fell holding on to it he grab him and drag him to the car.


Mr. Woo was sitting on one of the biggest sofa waiting for us.
“ We got him, sir.”

“ good work Ashley.”

“Thanks, but I couldn’t have done it without the guys.” I lied that way they can get some credits as well.

“ where is HE and my MONEY?”

“ they’re right here, sir.” As one of the guys grab david while the other handed Mr.Woo his be love it money. He open it to make sure the money was all in there. It was.
he pull a gun from one of my men as he walk towards David.

“ well, well... you thought you can run away with my money didn’t you?” Mr.woo laugh


This time Mr. Woo laugh even louder. “ I’m not letting you go that easily.
“Bring him to the torture room.” He continue laughing not knowing that David had a small knife in his hand. As Mr. Woo turn to walk away and no one was looking david ran up behind him and was about to stab him.... “ MR. Woo!” I call out to him as I use myself as a shield so the person is being stabbed was me. Mr. Woo turn around just in time to see what had happen. He hit his men on the head saying how could they let them happen as I shot david in the head so that he wouldn’t have to go through Mr. Woo torture.

My men ran towards me with concerns on their face. “BOSS!” they cried. all at once they say.....” we’re really sorry, bosss. How stupid of us!. You could have been kill!” each one of them hit themselves as quilts ran through them. I laugh as I pull the sword out of my stomach without feeling any pain. MR. WOO had his men clean up the mess right away.

“ Ashley” he say in a soft and caring voice. “ thank you again. This is the second time you save me.”

“ don’t thank me Mr. Woo. I should be thanking you for taking me in and made something out of me.” I smile and so did he.
I can tell he begin to trust me more. I was happy to work for him, because he was the first person that look at me and see a human standing instead of something else. He help me up stairs to take care of my wound.

A couple of weeks later I had save up enough money for surgery. I told Mr. Woo about my plan a month and a half before his birthday.

“ you’ll see the new me in a month or so.” I told him

“ my dear, your appearance is not important it’s who you are that is.” hearing what he just said made me feel good about myself, but still I have to do this. I was treated badly because of the way I look and now everything is going to change.

One month and a week..... I was home again. The doctor said my face came out looking like a nature beauty. I was happy. I was planning to surprise everyone, but instead they surprise me. They were all waiting for me in the living room. As I open the front door they greet me one by one.

“ oh my dear Ashley” came Mr.Woo “ you look BEAUTIFUL!!!”

“ no YOU IDIOT! She looks SEXIER! Hehehhehe!” came ji-hoon who ran over to me with his arms wide open to welcome me in. I smile. What else can I do?

“ I miss you all.....”

“We miss you MORE!” We all laugh at the same time........


Every body help decorate the ball room which lend to the beautiful garden. As I went to the kitchen the door bell ring. Ms. Le who is in charge of the house when me or Mr.Woo is out, rush to get it while I was still in the kitchen getting myself a soda.

“ OH! Kangta!!!! my pretty boy!”I heard her cried.

how come she’s so happy to see this boy? She must be her son. I thought as I exit the kitchen.

“ Oh! Miss. Ashley! Please meet Mr. Woo son.”

As I headed their way I thought to myself again. His son? When did he have any kids? Oh yea I forgot I never ask about it. laughing out loud to myself.....


She looks so beautiful I thought as I look at her.. Her eyes are big and round which fit perfectly with her nose and her lips that shape like a heart. Her long-shoulder length black hair put up in a fashion way. She was wearing a cute black dress just above her knee as her sexy finger walk up to me.

“Hi! It’s really nice to finally meet you. My name is Ashley and yours?” She smile sweetly at me with her innocent face. I found myself lost just looking at her eyes. They’re so and blue? I never saw anyone with that eyes color. I was still a little lost until she ask me again, but this time her smile faded.

“ uh....”

“OH! Sorry I was lost in amazing name is kangta.” I smile at her feeling stupid about what I just said. I put my hand out to shake hers.....

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I shake his hand as I thought to myself what a stupid pick-up line.

I call two of my men to help him with his luggage. “ You two, Dave and Mark. Please help this man carry his luggage upstairs.”

“ NAH!’s alright. I can do it myself.” He said smiling at me then headed to where to luggage are. The two luggage was really heavy. He tries to show off his muscle by carrying them all at once.

“ You know, that luggage is really heavy, I mean REALLY heavy by the way they look.”

“Don’t worry babe. I can take.” Wink*

The three of us stood there to see what kind of stupid thing he will pull next. He carried the two luggages and made it half the stairs. Then I gave my men the signal to help him with it since it look like he’s about to faint. When I saw my signal, I decided to head back to the ball room.


I unpack my stuff in a hurry then rush to the bathroom. Minutes later I came out of it as I look through my clothes to see which one I should wear for my father’s birthday.

I wanted to pick out the best one for Ashley when the thought of it came to me . . . what’s WRONGED WITH ME? How come I’m a different person when I met her? Hah! I better stay with my usual self.

I can’t believe I embarrass myself twice today in front of a girl. I’m usually good when it comes to women. Women are always the one to come to me. “ Stop embarrassing yourself and show her what you got.” I told myself.

Inside the ball room.

I was looking for my father when I saw Ashley talking to old folks. She was smiling happily. I wonder what they’re talking about.

I walked around the room and spotted my old friends.

“ Hey man, how you been?” Eric walks up to me with a hand shake.

“ Good. Have you seen my father anywhere?” I ask, my eyes still searching around.
“ No man, but I notice that hot chick over there.” He was pointing toward Ashley when Andy show up from behind . . .

“ KANGTA, my man! How are you, dude?!”

“Good. You? Haven’t seen you for a long time pal. How’s Linda?”

“ Who?”

“Linda. Your girlfriend. Did you forget about her already? Hahahha!” A servant pass us by as we each took a glass of champagne.

“ We broke up three days ago and I’m glad we didn’t. She was being a b!tch.”

“ Like always” I added.

“Hey, that’s my line.”

The three of us laugh....” hhhahahah!”


30 minutes later the real party began.

The light turn off as the room grew silent. Then the doors open . . .

“Surprise!!!!!!” Came everyone. Mr. Woo enter the room with his men following behind him. His face was an expression of surprise as each one of his old friends which he had lost contact with greeted him. “ Happy birthday, old friend.”

Ashley pov.

After the last one I greet him with a warm hug. “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR.WOO. I hope you like your present from me and your son. I include his son so he would be happy that his son still remembers his birthday.

He turns around to see his son who was standing right there. “ MY DEAR SON! You came back from your studying! Come here and give your old man a hug.”

As he did, he looks at me in confuse and I gave him the look that says play-along. He did . . .

“ This is one of my happiest days! Everyone I care about are here. Let starts the party shall we?”
With that it begins . . .

“Ashley, my dear. This is wonderful! Thank you!” he says still smiling since he got here.

“Don’t . . . ” my sentence was cut off by him.

“ I know kangta didn’t have anything to do with this. Thank you for making me happy thinking that my son really cares about his father after what I had done . . . ” his smile faded slowly.

“Cheer up sir. It’s your birthday. “

“ You’re right! And I’m turning 90 after this. Muahhhahahah!”

Soon he walks to the middle of the room and announces what he had in mind . . .

“ LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Thank you so much for coming here. You all had made this old man very happy, indeed. Over the pass few years the person that help me the most and made this man happy was she. My soon- to- be- adopted daughter.” He moves his hand and points it at me. I was surprise and so was kangta.

“ Yes, after tonight she will be my daughter. What do you folks think? Is it reasonable enough?”

Everyone claps and nods their head. “ Now lets all dance to the music.” With that everybody moves to the dance floor as I headed to the garden.

At the garden . . .

I walk around the garden as the wind blows my hair. What a beautiful night. I thought to myself.
I took a sip of the champagne and look down at the remarkable view. Just then when I look up there was a perfectly shaped full moon with stars on each side. Without noticing someone was there I continue to look up as my eyes gaze around questioning . . . how could this world be so beautiful and lovely, but yet so cruel and hateful . . . with that my eyes turn to its normal cold self.

Kangta POV.

I look at her wondering how her eyes could change so fast from something beautiful to something COLD . . . I walk up to her . . . ” why did you include my name when I didn’t put any effort in it.”

She turns around. “Because it would make your father happy to know that you care.”

“But I don’t”
She looks straight into my eyes. “ Yes, I know. When you first arrive here you didn’t bother asking about your father neither did it look like you bought him something from your trip.”

I felt embarrass. Even a stranger like herself love my father, but how come I can’t? Because he had misused my mother and me. The thought of that mad me anger.

“Control your anger..... Whatever your father did to you, you should learn to forgive him so both of you can live happy without the quilts inside.”

How did she know the story...... “You weren’t there so don’t tell me what I should do.” as I turn around to leave.......

“Your father never told me what happen.....he’s not the kind of person to express his you.....and me.... I’m not telling you what to do. Whatever you do is none of my business. I’m just giving you advice before you regret what you did and when you feel sorry about’s too late...” she disappear out of the door as I stood there to think.

I ‘ll never regret what I do.........


Tonight will be the day that I will never forget........

(he brush his teeth then went to bed thinking...)

I can’t believe there’s still someone who thinks this old man have a heart. (Laughing out loud..) .....sad thing is....I’m only using my daughter to get what I want.

End of MR. WOO POV.

Since now kangta is back and he’ll be staying here for a very long time, Mr.Woo had him taking care of half the company while I take the other half. During the afternoon Mr. Woo had called for me and told me that he will be across the country making business. So he won’t be back for awhile.

MR. WOO SPEAKING . . . “ I had called all the companies, letting them know that I will be out for a couple of months. I told them if they need anything or wanted to discuss something, see you about it since now you will be in charge of mostly everything. While Kangta will be taking care of my other companies. “

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“I......yes, Mr. Woo . . . ”

He laughs . . . ” call me dad! Don’t tell me you forgot about what I said yesterday?”

“Uh . . . no sir.” I didn’t feel comfortable with the whole dad thing . . . he read my mind.

“ if it’s hard for you then you may continue calling me Mr. Woo.”

“Is it okay for me to call you father when we’re outside the house? That way when we do busy with people they’ll trust me more as your daughter than your secretary.”

“ that’s an excellent idea, child.” I waited for him to exit as I follow behind.

“ oh, one more thing....” he said


“Didn’t you open another a night club? If you need any money just take it out of my banking account if it can do any good if something goes wrong.”

“ thank you sir, but I prefer to use my own money. Thank you again for your kindness.”


Weeks my office at home.

“ boss. Here are the important papers on how our clubs been doing.” ( one of the members of my gang) Lee handed over to me with both hands.

I look at it. “ not too bad. I see it went up more than last week.” I continue to look through it.

“ what’s this?.... how come Club Nite went down?” I ask staring at him.

He lower his head ask he speaks. “ there has been a troublemaker there. A group of gangster called themselves NightWatcher. “

“I see. We will deal with them tonight.”

As I put those papers away I pick up a two or three binders that contains different information about places I own.
///....First binder... rental.///

I look at it. “Three houses on Sugarland had not paid their rental.”
“ I’ll tell my men to take care of them.”

“ if they don’t pay, I want them out by Monday.”

“ go check GreenTea out for me. I want to know how that place is doing and do me a favor. If you ever see John, torture him in anyway just get me my fuc!ken money. “

I handed him the binder as he hold on to it. I look at the other two. One binder contains how much money I had collected over the year for opening a racing area. I notice more money had came in... I threw it on the table and look at the last one. I had own the biggest store which sells everything that has to do with cars and motorcycles. I named it Motor Center.

“I’ll be downstairs in a minute” And with that he knew right away what to do.

In the car.... I told the driver to take me to Club Nite.......

I walk out of the car wearing nothing, but a tight black skirt that reveals my legs and something to cover my breast as one of my men put a coat on me. We enter.........
Everybody greet me politely as I walk pass them to Mr. Wan who also had adopted me plus the three most popular people around the world. I guess there’s nothing for me to worry about since I have the most powerful fathers.

“ oh my baby! Come and give daddy a hug,”

I did as he ask. “ hello father. What brings you here?” I smile
“ to see you my dear! Oh, how lovely you look. Come....let me introduce you to my sons.”
I nodded. “ this is Sang woo and his wife Emma, Takeshi, and Jinjun.”

He added... “ and this is the girl I’ve been telling you about.”

“ hi! How do you do? My name is Ashley.” I greet them one by one.

We sat there and talk for awhile when Mr. Wan decided to leave early so did his sons.
When there’s only me and him standing he whisper in my ear....” so which one do you like? How about Sang Woo? He’s a good boy. Perfectly made for you.”

I giggle at how silly Mr. Wan can be. He’s been trying to introduce his son to me for a year now, but I change the subject before he can.
“I’ll see you in a couple of days.” I kiss his cheek before he leave.

IN MR. WAN’S CAR.......

“Tell me, son. What do you think about that girl?”

“ she’s....pretty.” Takeshi smile.

“ then you better hurry up with it. You might be the last one in line if you don’t make the first move.”


Back in the club......

The door open and it was those kids. NIGHTWATCHER.


I turn around pretending to be interest in him. I smile as I walk up to him.

“ DAMN BABE! YOU LOOK SO FOINE!!!!” I place my hand on his face as I ask him some questions.

“ wow! You must be member of the nightwatcher. Am I, right?”
He nodded while he try to look cool in front of his gang. “ do you come here often?”

“Hell ya, but I never see you.” He look down at me as he place his hand to my cheek.
Before he try to kiss me I pull the gun that was inside his shirt and point it at him. With that I held it next to his neck. “ move and I’ll shoot.”

he look afraid, but then decided to call his gang for help. “ what are you standing there. GET HER!” As they took a step all my men stand up which was about 50. They back down. As I continue with what I was saying.

“ so you FUC!KERS are the cost of why my business is going down lately, eh?”

They didn’t answer, only swallow hard. I use the gun and hit it hard on his head as I take a sit while my men hold on to those guys.

“ bring them to the private room. I need to teach these kids who’s the boss.”

(Author POV. Ashley didn’t know that kangta was in there the whole time.)

I was sitting there surrounded by girls. Ashley didn’t know I was in here when I saw the whole thing. Just like my father and I, she’s also a gangster. Looks like she’s one of the powerful one in Korea. She amaze me... I never saw a girl handling things so calmly as her. She wasn’t afraid of what will happen. Her face was always calmly. Wow!....what a strong woman.......

IN THE ROOM........

My men throw them to the ground as they stand up with their knees. I took the coat off me
and threw it beside me as I sat on the sofa with my legs on the table.

“ tell me, who’s your leader?” They kept quiet. I look at my men. They hit the boys on their face sending bruises. “ don’t make me ask you again.” with that they answer. “ Danny.”

I smile . . . I haven’t seen that nigga since the last fight with yoo ji tae. I got up. I look at Mark as he walks over with a cigarette on his hand and a lighter. He light it up for me before I start smoking out of it. “ Do you know who I am?” I blew smoke at their face. “Yea.” One of them says.
“ You’re a b!tch who’s gonna get **** when my boss know about this.” As my smile faded, I punch him in the face. “ Respect your elder, because you may never know what you’ll get from them.

“Dial Danny’s number and tell him I have his trams here with me.”

25 minutes later. He came. “ Triple A! Wassup my homie?!”

“ Not so good. You see that your boys here disrespect me.”

“WHAT?!” say angrily as the boys look at him in surprise.

“ Do you know who she IS?” he asks them. I watch him discipline the boys. I was enjoying it every bit. He stops for a minute to take a deep breath as he orders his men to continue his job for him.

“ I’m really sorry, girl. You know I wouldn’t let anybody take advantage of you after what you had done for me. “ I look at him. Saying nothing . . .

“WE’RE LIKE BROTHERS!” I raise an eye brown. “ I mean BROTHER AND SISTER. GIRL, you know what I mean.” I smile. We begin to talk as we walk out of the room.

“ Thanks to you, my gang grew double the size.” -Danny

“ They’ll come back for us pretty soon with more people. So it’s better off if we watch out for our back.” Right after I finish my sentences, the door open and it was them. THE LIZARD. As they

started shooting, we took cover. The music stop, the glass broke into tiny pieces, and luckily no one was hurt....just yet. Shi!t...I thought. The shooting stops. I stood up and aimed for every one

of their heads as I start shooting. I ran to the bar to take cover. As Danny, his men, and mine begin to shoot. I refill my gun with bullets. We continue to shoot back and forth. When suddenly our

guns are empty. I ran toward my enemies and quickly knocked five of them down at a time. Seven begin to chase after me as six go for Danny. My men and his took on the rest when suddenly

Kangta pops out of no where. He started to come to my rescue, but I didn’t need him. Five of my enemies follow him as he turns around and use his karate on them.

What is he doing here? .......
( their conversation begins while fighting . . . )

“ GO! I’ll take care of them for you.” He shouted

“ Fu!ck no! You had your fun and now it’s my turn!” I reply.

“ WHAT?! This is what you call fun?”

“ YES. NOW GET OUT OF MY WAY.” I push him out of my sight.

I punch the guy in the eye who was in front of me as I dodge the one behind me who was ready to stab me, but instead he stabs his teammate. He didn’t look like he cares. I jump on the stage and grab an instrument as I swung it back and forth, left to right. Knocking more men down. By the time I was done, both of my arms was cover with blood. Most of it was from the people I killed. I smile as I found all the men dead . . . not a single one was alive. Thinking to myself . . . I was getting bored there . . . thanks to them I had my fun . . .

“ Take their clothes off and deliver them back to HIM. Don’t forget to cut off each body part and put it in separate bags.”

“ yes, boss”

Danny order his men to clean the place up before they leave. “ See ya later”


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I was shock at what I heard. She looks so innocent . . . like an angel yet so . . . evil . . .

“ What are you looking at?” she asks me.

Fixing herself she says . . . ” That’s why you should never TRUST A PERSON BY THEIR APPEARANCE.”

“Uh? ...” I fake it.

“ You know what I’m talking about.”

This is the second time she knows what I was thinking? I thought about it, still confused . . .

The street . . . during midnight after the club . . .

I follow her as she walks down the street by herself in the middle of the night. She stops to what was in front of her. I look passed her and notice it was only the two couples.

( Two couples . . . )

Girl-“ please! Get your hands off me.” (Crying)
guy- “come on babe. You know you like it when I touch you.” He kisses her as his hands wonder around inside your dress. He bent down and kisses her as she bites his lips.

Guy- “you B!TCH ! How dare you HURT ME. When I take you home, I’ll teach you some lesson about obeying me.” With that he drags her.

As the guy drag the girl down the quiet street . . . Girl- “ please let go of me.” She was shaking.

Back to Ashley and kangta . . .

Ashley POV.

It sickens me to see a man disrespect a woman. He was getting annoying with her as he turns to slap her. I grab his hand and push him away from the girl. “ You touch her again and I’ll break your neck.”

Guy- “ mind your own business B!TCH “ he walks up to me and the girl again, but this time I threw a punch in his stomach. He held onto it before he tries to hit me.
I grabbed him by the arm and twisted it as I push him to the ground. I look at the girl . . .

“ Come over here.” I told her . . . She was too scare to move. I raise my voice . . . “ I SAID COME OVER HERE.” She obeys.

I bought the guy up to face her as I order her to hit him. Again she was scare, only this time because the guy had a look on his face..... hit -me -and -you’ll- regret- it.

I punch him in the eye with my free hand. “ Do it. It makes you feel better.”

She hit him, but it was more like a playful one. “ Hit him with all your strength. I promise you, you’ll feel much better afterward. She look at me then at him. This time her face look more confident. She swung her fist at his face. He fell to the ground hard. I was a little surprise. This girl is quite strong....

“ you should never let a man control you. Your body belongs to you which means YOU CAN ONLY CONTROL IT...NO ONE ELSE.”

I turn to leave...... “ WAIT MISS!” She ran to me. “ thank you...” she look like she’s about to cry.

“ don’t waste your tears crying over something stupid like this. Whatever you’re doing right now, quit and start a new live.” I wipe her tears away as she try her best to hold it in.

before I leave her alone I told her...........” if he ever mess with you again just ask around for
Triple A. and they’ll know what to do.”

I correct him. “ you mean ANY WOMEN AGAIN...”

“ ye...yes...”

“ get out of my sight.” I walk away pass kangta. He smile....

At home......

We walk upstairs to our room which is across from each other....before I enter my room....

“ that was a nice thing to do....”- kangta.


“ I thought you are only capable of killing. I guess there’s a soft part in you that I don’t know.”
“ hah!” I turn to face him.

Let’s play a little game with his mind......

I walk to him with a sexy smile as I pull his head down and whisper in his ear......

“ there’s a lot of things you still don’t know about me...want me to show you?” I place my hand inside his red shirt as I move my hand slowly up his chest. As my hand reach his neck and
again...slowly I move my face next to his neck. He shivered. He was trying to say something, but it didn’t come out. I laugh to myself and continue what I was doing. I lick his neck softly and turn
his face so it can face mine as I lick his lips slowly while my eyes was on his. He was nervous, but his hands starts moving closer to my waist. I push him away. “ good night.” I said.

He was still standing there where I had left him.


She had close her bedroom door a minute ago, but her present was still here. I smile as I enter my room. Forgot that I didn’t open it, I hit my head on the door. “ damn it!”

I lay on the bed unable to sleep as I recall what just happen. My heart is still bounding and I can’t seem to stop it. I close my eyes and smile. The question came out of my mouth without me knowing.... I wonder if she likes me.....I can’t wait to see her tomorrow..... I wonder if she’s thinking about me......


Ashley Pov.

Ms. Le open the door for a guest to come in as I take a sit in the dinning room. Waiting for my food.
“ excuse me Miss. Ashley. There’s a guest who wish to see you.” she back away from the door.

“ hi! May I come in?” he ask.

“ OH! Sorry, sure. Come in and have a sit.”

“ I heard today is your day off....”

“Uh huh.”

“Well...uh... since everyone is busy at my house and I don’t know this place very well.....”

Awww! He look so cute when he’s shy. I stood up, grab my things and headed his way.

“ I’ll take you places if you want, Takeshi.”

“ really?! Thanks!”

I walk toward the door....he open it for sweet I thought.....



I woke up and the thought of her made me rush downstairs.
Don’t let her know you want her....

I walk down stairs patiently trying to stop my heart from rushing to her.
Where’s everybody?......

As Ms. Le pass me by..... “ have you seen Ashley anywhere?” I ask her feeling shy.

“ she just left with Mr. Wan’s son.”

“Uh? Where....where did they go?” I ask again keeping my voice as calm as possible.

“ I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t know. They just left a minute ago..”

With that I storm out of the house and got in my car. I called my people from northeast and tell them to follow a girl name Ashley. I described her to them. As soon as I finish talking, I search for her myself. All I want to do now is find her...... I’m not gonna let him win her over..... she’s MINE....... my temper was getting out of control as questions pop in my head.......
She can’t like him that easily, can she?...... what am I doing?! Why am I so angry right now? She was just playing games with my mind.... it didn’t mean DIDN’T MEAN ANYTHING...... my eyes grew wider to the thought of it can I be so stupid?! Of course it doesn’t mean anything......she...TRICKED ME.....I laugh.... I can’t believe I let her get to I continue to laugh and turn my head to the right I saw happy together..... that’s suppose to be me!..... I followed them for the whole day until I can’t take it anymore......

Ashley pov.

“Are you tired, Ashley?” -Takeshi.

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he look concern. I just smile and shake my head no. “ why? Are you?”

“ no.” he put his hand on the back of his head. Laughing..... “ I’m just worry that I might tired you and.... and I’m sorry I made you waste your day off with me...” he look at the ground with his hands in his pocket.

awwww! He look so innocent......I giggle as I put a hand on his shoulder. “ I’m glad to spend my day off with you......” he smile

then I added. “It’s good to get to know my brother...don’t you think?” He look down at me with his puppy eyes and smile. I knew I hurt him there..........

We walk a little more until we came across one of the famous American’s restaurant.
Inside we order food and while we waited we continue our conversation.
“ I heard you live in America. I’ve been there a couple of times. It’s a nice place...”
“ yes. It is. If you ever visit New York, give me a call and I’ll show you around?”
“Thanks!” Minutes later I took him to a store I like for men so he can buy some new clothes.

At the store......
I walk around picking out clothes for him like he ask me to while he follow behind me carrying whatever I give him. When I was finish I told him to try it out. He try ten of them, but I only think five of it looks good on him. We walk to the cashier. As I took the money out of my pocket he stop me. I wanted to buy it for him as a welcome gift. “ let me pay” he said.

He open his wallet and I put my hand over it. “ then let me pay for half of this...As a welcome gift....please?”

“It’s okay. Thanks though.” I pretend to be bad. “ then next time I won’t go with you anymore.”
He stop and look at me. “Okay. You can pay the other half.” he smile. His smile was attractive.

At 6:00 p.m I drag him to different store as we try out different clothes for fun. Some of the store got bad at us for not buying anything. Then we ate some ice cream and took some pictures. Afterward we headed to another store. This time I thought him how to BORROW STUFF. Wink* Since he look like someone who never did anything bad before I thought this would be fun for him to get the experience of how it feel to be scare with a little of excitement in it..

he was scared at first, because he it was his first time. At night he drove me home. I look at my watch and realize it was 10:00 p.m.

“ thank you Ashley. Today was really fun. Can we do it again next time?”

“Sure!” I wave good-bye to him.

I went inside the house, change into a short and a tang-top. I made myself some popcorn to go with the movie I rent five weeks ago. It was a horror movie and as I was watching I thought to myself how can stay at home when it’s only 10:50...oh well....too tired to go clubbing..


When I got up and walk to the kitchen to throw my popcorn away the door open. Kangta came in drunk while the girl bring him upstairs.

the girl- “who’s she?” eyeing me...

Kangta- “those it matter.” his eyes was half open.


We walk upstairs side by side with ashley. I turn to the girl and kiss her hoping to piss Ashley, but she only smile. I got mad and when we got to our door the girl open mine while Ashley enter hers. She didn’t bother to care why I bought the girl home. I was real piss by now. I trip and landed on the bed dragging her along. She giggles and began to take my clothes off. I close my eyes and all I saw was her....ASHLEY. I smile as the vision became clearer. Without knowing that the person who kiss me wasn’t ashley, I kiss her back when suddenly I open my eyes as I grew angry.
“ get out!” she was confuse
“ I SAID get OUT!” with that she left angrily.

lay on the bed wondering why I did that for? Just then Ashley came in with a hot towel and place it on my head.

“ you’re okay?” I shake my head no as my eyes never left hers.

“ are you hungry?” I wasn’t hungry, but I want her to care for me. “ yea. Do you mind?”

“No.” She left my room and later came back with a bowl of food, water, and medicine.

“ when you’re done eating drink this. “ she hand me the medicine as she turn around to left. I fake my headache. She turn around....

“ who’s wrong now?”

“My head.......”

She sigh. “ I’ll get you another towel.” she went to her room to wet the towel as I lay there feeling happy. Just then I remember I was angry with her, but somehow all that angers went away when she enter my room again. I lay there on the bed looking up at her as she place a new towel on my forehead . She sat there for awhile as her eyes wonder around the room. Then she stood up and walk towards the window.

“ it’s going to rain hard tonight.” she said looking out the window. I was silence....

“MMMmm....your room is really clean and I can tell you’re very organize unlike me.” she open my closet. “ thanks.”

“Are you drunk?” she ask headed to one of the chair near the window.

“ kinda.”

“Tell me.... about you. What makes you decided to come back?”

“ to tell you the truth... I don’t know.”

“ oh. Is there anything you would like to share with me? I’m willing to listen.”

For some reason I had open up to her. She gave me the feeling no one ever had and being around her....was all I needed. She had taken my heart without me noticing.... we talk and open up to each other, but it was me who had open everything up to her. Soon we were laughing and playing pillow fight. We jump up and down on my bed hitting each other playfully with the pillows. I started chasing her around the room when she accidently smack me on the face. She gave me that innocent look as she scream and headed downstairs.
“ ahhh!” I chase after her. We ran around the house chasing each other back and forth. That night she had brought the child out of me.... It’s weird how she’s always a cold person and never joke around that much.....but that night....was unforgettable.......

(morning awakes.....)

In the dinning room we sat down together and talk when Ms. Le open the door and my smile fades. She stood up, looking really happy to see him. She never looks this happy to see me...the thought of it had sadden me.
She left with the guy name Takeshi. Leaving me with only the word...”bye.”

(In the car...)

“ you don’t mind stopping here?”- ASHLEY

“ there something wrong?” I was hopping to spend as much time with her as I can before I have to head back to new york next week.

“ sorry, but I have an important meeting to go to.” she got out of the car, dial someone’s number and within a couple of minutes the car came.

A guy open the door for her as she enter. Then they drove away. As I got out of the car I hit the wheel of the car. Disappointed that I had cancel all the meeting today just to go out with her....I was heartbroken.

Why can’t she take a minute off for me?


( she arrive at a car show where you continue to bet on the car you like until no one can reach that standard. Mr. Kim. is one Mr. Woo biggest enemy and a powerful man as well. He’s a rich man who’s very greedy and into cars. He have a total of ten wives, but no kids. This is the place where Ashley will try to piss him off.)


I got out of the car wearing all black like usual including a black trench coat. I put my sunglasses and head for the door. I spotted Mr.Kim sitting in the first seat.

I grab a sit behind him. “He’s after the 2004 Maybach 62 Sedan, boss.”

The show begins with different kind of cars. Starting with the less expensive ones like ferrari, dodge, and etc..
An hour or two pass, the car he wants was on for the bet. It start of with $ 600,00. A man raise his hand for Mr. Kim.

Dealer- “ I have a $640,00. Right here.” he point to Mr. Kim.

Two people raise their hands. “ $680,000.!” “ $700,00!”

Three more people on the right raise their hands. “ $740,00! “ $780,000!” “Last call to $800,000! Can anybody beat that.”

Mr. Kim raise his hand. “ $800,000!” No one raise their hands, because th price was too much for them. “ going once!....going.....”

I put a finger up. “ I have $900,000 coming from this lady!”

everyone turn to face me so did Mr. Kim. He smile at me when I look at him. I knew he was starting to get piss, because he wasn’t planning on going over $800,000.

He then raise his hand and so did I. It kept on going until the money reach $1,000,000. My men try to stop me, but I gave them a look......
(Mr. KIM POV.)

If this kid wants to play games with me.....lets see what she got....

“ can anybody beat that price?!”-dealer ask then look at me.
“Miss, are you still up for it?”-dealer

I knew Mr.Kim was hoping that someone would raise their hand, because he didn’t want to pay that much for a car. “ no. I’ll pass since Mr. Kim seem to like the car so much....”

I smile as I left the room.

(Mr. KIM POV.)
That kid! I was tricked!


“Joanne, have you check their company out for me yet?” -ashley

“Yes ma’m and here’s the summary you ask for.”-Joanne

I took a few seconds to look at it. “ummmm.... tell that company I’m not interested. If they change the plan and maybe I’ll have a look at it otherwise find someone else to help them with it. I’m not going to waste the company’s money on something useless. I handed to her as I walk out of the building.

[ the car.....]

“ take me to the children foundation.” I told the driver.

I dial louis number....” it’s me louis. Did you finish building it?”

Louis- “ yes I did. Would you like to come by and check it out ma’m? “

“ yes I would. I’m on my way right now.” I hung up the phone as I step out.....

Louis-“how are you doing, Miss. Ashley? Let me show you around.”

It took us about three hours to walk around, because there were different section of it.

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Over a couple of months I had start building this place for the children who’s in need. Altogether there’s more than 10 section. Each part of the section had it’s own purpose. One section helps the children who had aids and the second one had to do with kids who get go to school. Others are for homeless who needs food, clothes, and shelter. While some give out medicine and etc.

“it’s very kind of you to do this for the kids around the world...”-louis

“ if anybody ask, you now what to say?”
“ yes. That a man name john was responsible for it.-louis


before I got in the car he continue.....” may I ask why, miss? Don’t you want people to know who did this?”

“ it doesn’t matter who put the money out. As long as the kids get the help the needed....”

With that my car drove away. Since I took too many lives I decided to save lives in a different way and do something good. I didn’t want my next life to turn out bad so what I takes, I returns..........
Besides, I didn’t want the kids to get torture by the way they look or how rich they are. I wanted everyone to be equal and soon my wish came true... two months later I had save more than 500,000 peoples......sometimes I visit that place as a guest. No one knew about it except louis.


[In the house]

As I open the door......the room was fill with flowers. I wonder who did this....someone turns the light off as I look! The room was beautiful. There was so many stars shining around me. I felt like I had reach the sky. A hand covers my eyes..

“ happy birthday” he whisper in my ear..

“Kangta?” I turn to look at him.

“Who else? it....” He hand me a big box as I walk to the bed and open it.

I was surprise at what I saw.... it was shaped like a circle and inside was...a little girl...and a little boy... that one must kangta. I thought. They were looking at the sky together. And when I shake it... the boy sing a happy birthday song to the little girl as it begin to snow...this is so cute.

I look at him....”where did you get this? How did you know today was my birthday, anyway?”

“You like it? I have my research.”
“Thanks....” I walk over to my desk and place it there.

“ don’t I get a kiss?” somehow when I turn around he was right there. I push him away just enough for me to get out.

“No, but thanks...for the gift. I appreciate what you did for me....I won’t forget this.” I head out....
Somehow he was behind me again. “Can we go out and eat?.....together?” he ask me...putting on the most adorable face. “Sure.”

“Come on! I know just a place you might like.” he drag me out the door and into his car.
It was quiet in the car. The only sound heard was the music played. I was listening to the music and enjoying myself not knowing that he was looking at me once awhile.

He was right. I did like the restaurant, because of the perfect view......when we had finish our food. he told me jokes as we laugh together. Later came a band who play soft music.....
“ may I?”- kangta
I gave him my hand and as we dance a girl walk in on us....” GET OFF MY MAN!” she yell at me. I only smirk as the girl walked in between us..

kangta-“ I’m telling you, I have nothing to do with her.” the girl was in front of me.....

Girl-“you better not!” she scream with her arms across.

Kangta-“ I’m not talking to you.” he push her aside.

“Ashley, I only wanted to celebrate this night with you.” he gave me that serious look. I stood there waiting for the other girl reaction. When suddenly a whole group of girls appears. I look at him questioning. “... wow. Kangta, I didn’t know you date them all at once.”
As the girls gain up on him telling him to pick one out of all of them. I back away and left.
“ enjoy your day! “ I smirk as I left the place.


“Ashley!” I turn around as my name was being call.

“What are you doing here? I thought you went back to America?”-ashley

“ I did. Three days ago I decided to come back.” he smile.

“What for?” I ask.

“Come with me and you’ll know.” he grab my hand as we run to the car. He open the door for me and drove us to a park. We walk into the wood and in the middle of the wood was a lake. He told me to close my eyes and I did.
“Can I open my eyes yet?”-ashley

“Not yet and no peeking.”-takeshi “ your eyes...”

I stare at the what I saw....there must be thousands of them. The flowers was covering some part of the lake. What I found out about each flower was a candle in the middle of it. He brought a boat with him and told me to get in as he push it out the lake while being careful not to damage the flowers. Soon we were in the middle of the lake with brighten flowers surrounding us. He held out a guitar and start playing a sing. “Happy birthday!” he said. I just smile..
“how long did it take you to do this and what are you in Korea?” -ashley

“ My father told me tonight was your birthday so I had to come back.”- Takeshi

“ that’s sweet of you, but you don’t have to.”-ashley

“..but I want to..” -takeshi

I was looking at the lake when he hand me one of the flowers in the lake...”make a wish. It’s a legend that it’ll come true...” I look at him suspiciously, but then I did it anyway. I close my eyes and made my wish when something made my eyes open. He had kiss me on the cheek. I look at him confuse...
“ you look so beautiful under the moon...I thought...” my laugher had interrupted him. “So you took advantage of me.” I joke. He play along...” yup! And you’re lucky I did.” looking proud he added. “ most girl would do anything to get a kiss from me, but you got it for free. Aren’t you the luckiest girl?” - Takeshi

“ I guess I am.”-Ashley

I giggle. His back was facing me as he took something out . . .

“Here, open your gift.” I look at it then at him.

“Is it something that moves?” I ask


How did she know?”
(End . . . )

It was easy to finger out what he got me. Almost every guy thinks the same. When I opened it, a cute golden retriever puppy popped out. “WOOF!” It barks at me with its tongue hanging out. I took it out of the box and pet it as it licks my hand. I wasn’t looking forward for this, but I guess now I have something to keep myself from being bored.
“Thanks!” I gave him a hug.

..........................................................the night ends . . .

I had kept the puppy in my room and fed it. I name it POKEY after my favorite snack POCKY. Every day I would play with it and every night I would sleep with it since it bark all the time. I train it to listen to what I said. Even though it’s still young, it became my personal body guard. I call my puppy to the living room so we can go to the beach together since today is so lovely.

“ Hey Ashley! Where you going? “-kangta
“Taking my puppy out for a walk on th beach. Want to come along or are you too busy with your girlfriends?” I joke

“ nah! You know I’m never too busy for you.” He winked at him as we head out the back door.
“ You sure your girlfriends wouldn’t be mad at me for taking you out?”-Ashley

“ I told you, they’re not my girlfriends.”-kangta
“ reeaaaallllly? Yea right...whateaver...” we got into his car and drove to the beach....

“Okay. So they’re my EX. .....hey...are you jealous?” he asks with a smile.

“What makes you think I’ll be jealous that my brother has more attention than I ?”- I put on a smile. There was silence afterward . . .


Is that all she thinks of me as???? Her . . . brother????
(At the beach....)

We took her puppy for a walk and slowly one by one . . . everyone left until there’s only me and her.
“ What’s your puppy name?”

“ POKEY. “-Ashley I gave her a weird look.

She looks at me and say....” that’s why I gave it the name might think it’s weird, but I think it’s unique..... “ she picks the puppy from the ground and carry it in her arms as we continue

To walk down the beach. “....and I because I’m addicted to POCKY my favorite snack, I name it POKEY...YUMMY!” she look at me and smile before she runs off. I thought to myself.... she can

Be so weird whenever she’s happy. “ Wait for me!!!!!!” I yell as I chase after her. She stops a foot away from me and lay on the sand. I catch up to her and lay myself next to her. She looks at the sky

waiting for the sunset to disappear underneath the sea. I look at her for a minute or two and then turn to face the sky. We lay there quietly as the wind blows. When the sunset was no where to be seen

and the sky grew dark as the night became colder I turn my head to face her only to find her fast asleep. Smiling to myself, I kiss her on the forehead as I carrying her to the car with the puppy following behind.

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(At home)

I carry her into her room and lay her on the bed. I took her shoes off and over her body with the blanket. The puppy barks. “Woof!” “Shhhhhhhhhh!!!” It look at me then at the bed. I place it on the bed and it ran over to her as it lay its head next to her. I bent down to kiss her good-night, but the puppy had given me a warning look. I didn’t want it to bark so I left the room.

(End of kangta POV.)

(Ashley POV.)

As I woke up so did the pokey. I went to the bathroom and it follow me. I brush my teeth, took a shower, and went downstairs. As I walk down the stairs it bark at me. I smile at it as his tail move back and forth. I pick it up and put it down when I reach the last step. I went to the dinning room and called Jeff to see if he had seen Mark anywhere in the past 2 weeks. I was getting furious as I wonder where Mark could be at. He was never late to meet me every morning at this time. I was beginning to think something might happen to him since he always headed to the gay bar every night. I dial James’s and David’s number....” boss?”

“ yea this is me. I want you to go look for Mark. I think he starting to be missing like one of those gay guys on the news yesterday.” I hung up after his reply.

Two days later there was no sign of Mark. So that night I went to the gay bar along with three of my men. When I got inside everyone was looking at me weirdly. I ignore them and start looking for someone suspicious. I spotted a man in his mid 30's across from the bartender. I found myself a seat as a guy walk in. He sat next to the gentleman as they talk for 30 minutes before taking a trip to the gentleman apartment.
We follow them from behind as they left the bar and entered a street ally. The man let the guy walk in front of him before he wraps a napkin around the guy’s face then the guy became unconscious.
Dave and john were about to do something, but I stop them. Otherwise we wouldn’t know what the gentleman would do. We continue to follow him until we reach his apartment. He put the guy on

the bed as he takes out all his lab equipment. While he’s too busy tying the guy to the bed, we took a look at the place from outside the window. The place was scary. The room was really dark and

the only thing that made it bright enough to see was candles on the wall. The table was packed with humans in each jar. The hand and feet were being put in a different container. The man exit the room and came back with a knife in his hand. He kills the victim before he rapped the guy.

Afterward he cut the dude’s penis and the head off. The head was facing toward us when he threw the body in the refrigerator. Afterward he started to take the skin off then he headed to another room where we found another dude all ties up to the wall with napkins in his mouth. The man soon

did an experience on the guy. He took the needle and gave the guy a shot in the brain. A minute later the guy was screaming, but no sound came out. The man stood there, looking at the dead guy.

We couldn’t take it anymore so we headed home and the next morning I order five of my men to visit the place with me. We all wear gloves as we enter the place.

We kick the door open and found the crazy guy doing an experience on the dead guy from yesterday. It disgusts me, but I head his way and shot him in both legs. He fell to the ground as he

yell. Two of my men hold on to him and the other three went to look for Mark body. Later the three came back with a body, a head, and arms that once belong to Mark.

I was too anger to say anything. I made the man put Mark’s body make together. When he finishes, I order three of my men to take the body and put it in the coffin we brought with us.

I look at the man...” like to do experience on human?”

“ let me go!PLEASE! I didn’t mean to do all this. The devil had told me to and I can’t resist the feeling....”-man

“Grrrrr...... “ I pull him by his hair......” let see how you like it when the experience is on YOU...” I smirk. I grabbed the needle on the table and gave him a shot that was fill with acids like the one he gave to the guy yesterday. Me and my men back away as he held onto his head turning right to left on the floor.
When he had visit hell we dial the police number and let them deal with it as we headed home. The next day was Mark funeral.

Everyone was there and no one left without feeling the sorrow that Mark had left us so early....except me... I didn’t enjoy knowing the fact that he died. He was like a brother to me.... I wanted to feel the sorrow but I couldn’t.... for some reason I couldn’t feel the pain inside of me.... the one my mom had left me with...where did it go? I was I seek for the pain I once losted......

( author POV.
That part of the story was base on a true story. there was a man who kill gay guys, but he never get caught. Because he speak intelligently and he look like a gentleman. This event took place in the 90's. I read about him on yahoo. visit the site... I thought it would be interesting to add some of the fact to my fanfic. If I can get the man name from my friend I’ll post it so you guys can check it out. )

As I exit my room, Ashley door begins to open. We walk downstairs together and into the dinning room. She walks in the kitchen while I grab a seat.

“ I’ll cook for us today . . . what would you like to eat?” she asks me, searching through the

“ Where’s Ms. Park?” I ask.

“Her daughter is sick so I told her she can get a day off.”-Ashley

“Oh. Whatever is fine.”


While she’s cooking, I grab the newspaper on the table and read it. As I turn the page and look her way . . . I feel like I’m having my own family . . . with her cooking and bringing me food as I’m the husband who’s waiting to taste the delicious food his wife made for him. She brought the food to the table and we eat. She begins to ask me questions like she’s really interested in me.

“Do you date a lot of girls?”-Ashley

“ Yea, but that was the past.”

“Oh . . . Did you find a girl you’re interested in?”-Ashley
I wanted to tell her that I did and it was she, but I’m not very open with those things. Instead of saying no . . . ” yea. She’s way prettier than you and sweet too.” I said trying to make her jealous.

She looks at her food and I thought I saw a sad face. “Oh. That’s good.”

Stupid me! Why did I say that for?! Now she thinks that person isn’t her. She walked out of the house after someone called her. The puppy walked toward me and gave me that look...why-did-you-said-that-for? I just smile and pet the puppy before I go to work.

At night when I arrive she pop out of nowhere....”KANGTA! I rent this movie so we can watch together...what do you think?” Am I really hearing this? She waited for me to watch a movie with her? I thought. I was fill with happiness and trying not to show it I kept it cool...

“Sure. Just let me go change.” When I reach the top stair I turn around to see if she was behind me. She wasn’t and so I rush to my room, took a shower just incase if she wanted to give me a hug and the thought of that made me smile. I put on a short and a shirt then went downstairs. When I reach the living room the movie had started and she was sitting there with a popcorn. Before I sit down, I turn the lights in the living room off.
We watch a scary movie and she wasn’t frightening at all until we reach the middle part of the

“AHHH!” she scream as she hide her face in my chest. I was enjoy this...enjoying how much she needs me at this time.

“ is it over yet?” she ask looking up at me.

I lie..” yea.” she face the T.V. and scream. As her face was in my chest again she yell.
“ you liar!” then she hit me playfully. This is the chance for me to hold her, but I didn’t want her to think that I wanted to so....

” this is the most scary part don’t turn around.” I lie as she move in closer. I pretend to cover her eyes for her as my hands wrap around her. At that moment I felt like I’m her man. Someone there to protect her when she’s frighten. She was quiet the whole time and even after the movie was over. I turn the T.V. off and press a button next to the sofa. The light turns on and I look at her. She was asleep the whole time. I carry her to her room and as I put her in the bed I sat next there just starring at her. So irresistible I touch her soft skin.. I move my face to reach hers and I froze as she move her face close to mine while her eyes are close. I stare at her beautiful face unable to blink. I wanted to kiss her, but at that point I didn’t want to take advantage of her. I swallowed as I move away from her and out the door. I rest my head on the door after I close the door.

As the days goes by I notice there wasn’t a time where she wasn’t happy to see me until.....

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As the days goes by I notice there wasn’t a time where she wasn’t happy to see me until.....

(In the afternoon outside the to the swimming pool)

She was wearing a baby blue bikini suit reading a magazine. I took a dive in the pool and take a seat next to her. I smile as I look at her.

“It’s a beautiful day.” I say looking at the sky. She only nodded.

I move the chair next to her. “Are you busy tonight?”

“No.” she flip a page and continue to read the magazine.
“ you wanna go out and eat? There’s a new restaurant in town.” I smile at her hoping she would say something more than just no, yes, ok....

“ maybe” -ashley

“ ok. How about we go tonight?”

she didn’t say anything and I wonder to myself if I had say something wrong or did something yesterday that made her mood change so quickly.

“ you want to go around 7:00?” I place my hand on hers while waiting for her reply.

The phone rang and she pull away. She walk across from me to the table.

“ hello?”-ashley


“Okay, I’ll be there.” after that she left. I was confuse, but the thought of going out and eat with her tonight made me forget about everything else.

(At night)

I change into something nice and wait for her to come home. Imagining how wonderful tonight will be I lost track of the time. When I look at the clock it was 9:00P.M. I thought she might be late so I waited for another hour and then an other. I was getting hungry and tired of waiting so I loosen the tie a bit. 20 minutes later the door open and she was wearing a short pink skirt with a cute white t-shirt. It’s has the number seven on it and she look so girlish. I fix my tie and walk up to her with a smile.

I pull her hands close to my chest as I ask...” ready to go?”

She pull away and stare at me. “Go where?”
Wha...what?.....I thought. Doesn’t she remember we’re having a date tonight?

“To the restaurant I told you about.”

“ what restaurant? She ask me not caring.

“ I ask you do you want to go and you said....” she cut me off.

“ and I said maybe. That doesn’t mean I will go with you. I have important things to do than go out and eat. Besides I’m not hungry..” she say calmly as she walk away.

I stood there feeling piss. I grab her by the wrist and turn her around before she takes another step.

“ you made me think that we’re going out to eat tonight and you come home telling me you’re not hungry? Did you know I didn’t bother to eat, because I was waiting for you?” I was really angry with her. She pull free from me. “First off all, I didn’t do anything to make you think we’re going out to eat and second I didn’t tell you not to eat. So don’t blame your stupidity on me.” with that she walks to her room.

I was so mad I ran out of the door.

I smirk....


I drove to a bar with great speed. I didn’t care that I would crash and hurt myself. I got in the bar and drink none stop as couple of girls come up to offer me a place to stay. I shove them off and at 7:00 in the morning I drove home. I was really drunk by now when I reach my room. As I was about to enter.....I have to talk to her....

I open her door and it was unlock. I went in to search for her with my eyes half close. I spotted her coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrap around her. She look at me saying nothing, but headed to the bed. I grab her as she pass by me.

“ why did you do this to me?” I ask her.

“ I didn’t do anything to you and please get away from me. You spell like sh!t.”

I ignore what she said and continue what I had to say.
“ you made me think that you were so into ME.....that it could really happen....” I pull her close to me....”.....that I was the guy for you..... Did you now there was never a time I would not dream of you.” I place my hand on her face.


I look at him as his sorrow eyes look back at me....
“Why are you doing this to me?” those eyes that fill with sadness had begin to questioning me.
I turn my face away, but he force me to face him. “ wh...why?........ why are you torturing me with your games?! Don’t you know that all I want was you?” he hug me tight Not wanting to let go.

“I pull away from him.” you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re talking about...go back to your room.” as I walk away he pull me too fast causing my towel to fall. He place his lips on mine. Trying to get his tongue in my mouth while I hit him. As I did he back away a little then came toward me again as I grab the towel to cover myself. I punch him off me, but he kept coming back for more. He try to hold me down while I get him away from me then he slip and fell on top off me.

“ get OFF ME!!!” as I was yelling he place his lips on mine. His tongue had found away in my mouth when I was screaming. He held on to me as I taste his passionate kiss. I couldn’t take this anymore. I wasn’t planning on letting the game get this far and out of control. I put my hands on his face trying to get it off mine as he place his hands on my face to keep it still. When I had manage to free my face, I was breathing hard. I kick him off me as I stood up. This time he was awake. I quickly over my naked body with the towel and stood up.

He walks toward me, but I put out a hand to stop him. “I....I’m sorry... I shouldn’t had.....” I cut him off.

“Don’t bothering saying sorry if it can’t change what just happen..”
He wanted to say something to make me feel better, but he knew nothing he says right now matters.......

I walk to the door....” lets just forget this ever happen.” I look at the floor waiting for him to leave.

This afternoon we(kangta and I ) went to pick up MR.WOO. I order my men to get the luggage as me, MR.WOO, and kangta headed for the limo to one of MR.WOO’s favorite restaurant. When we arrive ther,e we order food and discuss about the company. MR.WOO was really happy to know that his company had gain more respect and more money. After we’re finish with the food and our discussion each of us headed to different direction.

( MR.WOO had held a party for his return... evening)

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I was wearing a tuxedo that evening. The party was held in the backyard where there’s more space than the ball room. Everyone was laughing and having fun except me. I wanted to dance with Ashley, but she’s too busy worrying about other people that she forgot about me. During the party she had avoid me many times. I guess after what happen the other day, she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore....feeling disappointed I took a sip of the champagne. I sat on the chair when I spotted Ashley laughing with Takeshi. Seeing this I was beginning to get jealous so I stood up and went to them.

“ excuse me.” I look at her.

“By I have this dance?” I put out my hand and wait for her respond.

She look at Takeshi....” excuse me.” We walk away from Takeshi and begin to dance to the nice slow song. I knew she wasn’t feeling comfortable with me...

“ I shouldn’t have done what I did if I knew it would tear us apart.” she look at me.

“ what are you talking about? I don’t remember anything that happens yesterday except the fact that we went to pick up your father.” she smile at me. I felt relieve that she had forgiven me.
Even though she had forgiven me our relationship begin to fall apart, but I try my best to keep it together.

( 2 days later. Takeshi and ASHLEY at the park.)

“ you want to do something tomorrow?”- takeshi

“ yeah, sure.”-ashley

“Do you want me to pick you up around 6:00 p.m.?” -takeshi

“Isn’t that too early?”ashley

“ yea, but I thought we could do a lot of things together if we leave the house early.”-takeshi

“ yea, you’re right.”-ashley


After the park we went to get some ice cream. Then we headed to the game room near by. It was fun having her around. I feel like my true self when I’m with her....

( next night)

Tonight was my birthday that’s why I wanted to spent the day with her. I ring the bell and Kangta open it.

“Hi! Is Ashley there.”

“ I’m here!” she yell from the back.

Together we headed to my car.

( kangta POV.)

Watching him taking her away from me was like I’m being stab in the heart......

(Takeshi POV.)

I took her to a famous restaurant, but she wanted to eat something more casual. So I called the restaurant and cancel it. We ate hamburger and joke around. Then we prank call people from the

phone booth. It was fun hearing the voice of the person on the other line getting piss. After each call we would laugh so hard. Around 7:20 p.m. we went to a restaurant. As we went in and order

we pretend like we don’t speak English while we mess around with them. They look down on us , but it was an experience for me to know how people would treat you if you’re not rich enough. We

curse them out before we leave, then we went to get some ice cream. When I wasn’t looking she place the ice cream on my face. “Ooooops!” She gave me the look to tell me she didn’t mean it, but she did.

“Happy birthday!” she says then ran out of the store. I chase after her with my ice cream cone and wondering how she knows today was my birthday. I was behind her when she suddenly stop and
turn around. “ EEEEEEEESSSHHH! You did this on purpose.” she laugh as she wipe the ice cream off her face with napkins. At midnight we went to buy some junk food then I drove us to the

roof top. I turn on the radio and walk towards her and the food. As we eat, we dance to the music. Without me knowing, she handed me a gift.

“Open it.”

“Do you like it? I thought it would be special if I made it for a special person .”

I just smile as I look at the gift.

“ I know it’s not perfect... if you don’t like it I’ll take it back.” she was about to grab it when I say......
“ NO no. it’s great. Thank you.” This must mean she feel the same way about me.

I wear it on me and together we look at the perfect view below us. When the radio suddenly play a soft music, she lean her head on my shoulder. Feeling happier than ever I didn’t move...this birthday was the best. I had experience a normal life with her that night.....

Everyday with her was like spending a day in heaven and every time I see her, I grew to love her more.

( two months later on valentine’s day)

I call her so we can celebrate valentine’s day together. At first she say sure, why not. Then right after I had set everything up she call me and cancel it. I was hurt, but then I feel a little better after I thought there must be a good excuse for this. She never cancel a plan with me before....she must have a reason why.


When I open the door to the house Kangta was in the kitchen. I grab him and drag him outside to my car.

“ put this on..” I threw it at him.

“ why?” he ask

“ because I have a surprise for you.”

he smile. “Really?”

“just get in and put it on.”

I drove him to one of his friends house. I open his door for him when we got there.

“You can take that thing off now.” I said.
He look at the house.” what are we doing at Eric’s house?”

as we reach the door I say....” just get inside.”


I open the door and inside was darkness. I look at her.” why are you taking me here when no one is home?’

She smirk .” really?” as she turn the light on everyone in the room scream “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!?”
All of my friends were there. Everyone begin to eat and soon we were playing different kind of games. Afterward everyone got tired of the games so they wonder everywhere around the house.

I head out the back door and light a cigarette. Ashley came in with a present. I open it and look at her.

She wear the necklace around my neck. “There’s things in this world where you can buy with money, but there’s something money can’t buy.” the necklace was a silver chain that has the letter K which stands for my name.

“It looks good on you...” she head for the door.

“ did you made this surprise party for me?” I was happy, because I knew she planned this for me...
she only smirk.


Eric- “you’re lucky to have a sweet girlfriend like her.”

Kangta- “why would you say that?”

Eric- “she spent the whole day decorating this place for your surprise party. I offer to help, but she didn’t want me to.”

Kangta smirk-“ I wish she was...”

Erice-“ what?! So you guys not going out?”

I shook my head no. “ yeah! Then that means she’s mine!” -Eric laughing evilly to himself.

Kangta hit him on the head while eyeing him. “Okay okay...I won’t touch her...she’s all yours.” Eric says waving his hand in the air.

(End of flashback)

( when the party ends...)

When we got to the car I ask Ashley if she would like to go to the movie with me....
We arrive there a little late, but we were able to watch the movie in time. We brought popcorn, drinks, and candy. ....

(As they enter the room not knowing that Takeshi happens to be standing behind them and saw the whole thing.)

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I went to the movie without her, because there wasn’t anything to do. As I walk to the room I saw her with kangta. Thinking to myself... He can’t be more important than me....can he? I was hurt yet happy that she was having fun even though the guy was not me. I waited for five minutes after they had enter before I step in the door. I guess they didn’t see me when I walk in so I grab a seat behind them. For the whole time until the movie was over my eyes never left them. I couldn’t understand what she’s trying to do, but whatever it is... I couldn’t take in what my eyes see......

(Movie ends and everyone went home. Still they did not notice Takeshi was there...)

“You wanna go catch something to eat?”
“ sure.” -ashley

we went to the restaurant across the street and order our food.

(Author POV. A YEAR ago ashley and danny had fought with them and won their territory so now their taking revenge on them. Since they spot her, she became their first victim. When they enter the restaurant a member of Snake had spotted them so he call his boss up and told him about it. They plan a dirty trick on her by making her body weaken after she drink the ice tea she order. When they left the restaurant, her body became weaken and members of SNAKE had waited for her outside. Now they’re fighting to bring her to their boss.)

Three guys started to attack her but I punch them before they can lay a finger on her. Her legs started shaking as she held on to me for support. She was still able to fight everyone of them who came to us. Our back were facing one another as we fight them off once more.

“ watch out!” I cried as I use myself to block the knife for her. My back begin to bleed, but it didn’t bother me. Another guy came at us, but someone had kicked him for me and it was Takeshi. What is he doing here? I thought.

As he fight them off he order me to get her out of there. As soon as we reach the other street more of them came after us. One of them hit me on the head and I black out......

( author POV. Members of Snake had brought the three of them to see their boss as they tied Kangta, Ashley, and Takeshi up. they put the three against the corner facing snake [their boss gangster’s name. Remember I told you guys earlier that each group is name after their boss?....] they splash water on the three to wake them up and now they are wide awake as the trouble begins.)

“ well, well, well... if it isn’t Triple A....” -snake
there were silence except heavy breathing...
“ I never thought I would find you around my street. I guess today is my lucky day.” he smilehe walk towards her as he kick her hard on the stomach. She didn’t respond to it. “ I guess they were right about you......”

He went back to his seat. “ lets have some fun with her.” he smirk as he eye his men to bring her to him, but then he change his mind. “Never mind that. I think I prefer seeing you get torture. His men grab her and drag her to their boss. He started hitting her first before going any further. As he was beating her up Takeshi and Kangta was watching it. As they were unable to watch her get hit. Takeshi ran up to the boss and punch him real hard on the left cheek when they were off guard. His men turn to Takeshi and start beating him up.

“ you SON-OF-A-b***h!” -snake yell as he push his man away to teach Takeshi a lesson himself. By the time Snake was half way Takeshi face was half c over with blood.

Ashley was on the floor, still unable to move her feet she say....” This is between me and you. Not them.....”

snake turn around and fix his collar. “ you’re right and when I’m finish with you, it’ll be danny turns.” he grab her and drag her to his room.

While he was about to reach the stairs she spit on his face. “ what are you going to do? **** me?” she laugh. she had understood him too well to know what he will do.

“ I thought you know how to handle things than just play around.” he look at her and threw her to the floor. She had trick him...

“ I don’t want to recognize her face after you guys beat her up.” with that he went upstairs . The guys gain up on her as they starting to beat her up.

She lay on the floor and didn’t bother to cover herself up. She was waiting for this moment... the moment to feel pain, but instead the pain was in kangta eyes as he jump in and cover her body with his. As they beat him up the blood on his shirt begins to form bigger.

(Ashley POV.)

I was laying there looking Takeshi way.... why did he even bother? It’s not like I can feel it. I turn my head and my eyes caught his. Why is he looking so happy? I wonder. I lay there looking up at him with no expression as his blood drip on my face. I didn’t blink only stare at those eyes of his... looking in those eyes I can tell he was happy to take the hits for me. As my eyes wonder in his, I reach in my pocket and dial the code. I knew in minutes Danny will be here with his men. Right before Danny got here, Kangta was hit in the head. As he loose conscious a smile form on his face.

(Kangta POV.)
After everything had happen, I didn’t care if I die or live as long as I know she’s away from harm....nothing matters....(ASHLEY POV.)

As I lay there holding on to Kangta, Danny came to my rescue.

“Come on! Lets go!” he pull me up, but I fell back down.

“ I can’t! My legs are too weak. Just help Takeshi and kangta. I’ll be fine.”

He ran to Takeshi and cut the rope around his hands and headed him a a gun. “Here. You take care of her and I’ll take care of Kangta.”

As we fought our way out, a guy came to Danny on his right. I warn him, but it was too late. As the cut starts to bleed he stab the guy and keep moving until we were out of there. Six guys had
follow us and so did their boss. I grab a knife from danny’s pocket and threw it at Snake, but he had use one of his men as a shield. We got in the car and drove to the hospital. There the doctor took care of kangta and Takeshi since they’re the one with more bruises and cuts. Then danny was next and after that was me.

“ how are you doing?”-Danny

“ fine. You’ll get that fu!cker back...”

“ we will...” danny smile at me.

After I finish my conversation with danny I went to look for Takeshi and then Kangta.
I open Takeshi door slowly while trying not to make a sound. He stood up as he sees me enter.

“How’s the bruises?” I took a seat next to the bed.

“ good.” he touch his face.

“ what were you doing there?”

“ I walk by and took a look then I notice it was you and Kangta so I ran to help you guys.”

I put lay my hand on his. “Thanks Takeshi, but you’re not good with these things. You shouldn’t stick your noise in and now they’re going to go after you too.”

“ I know they will, but I can’t just stand there and watch you guys get hurt.”

“ thanks. I’ll go home and make you something to eat, okay?”

I walk out of the door and into Kangta’s room. He was still unconscious. His head and his body was bandage. I touch his face, thinking how stupid he was earlier. I bent down to give him a kiss on the forehead before I leave. “ get well soon, Kangta.”

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(Takeshi POV.)
I knew she would go check up on Kangta so I follow her. Seeing how caring she was to Kangta, I wish that was me she’s caring for.

(Ashley POV.)

I went home and made Takeshi some rice soup. At 3:00 a.m. I bought it with me to the hospital and put it on the table in Takeshi’s room. He was sleeping when I got there. So I left the room to see the doctor about Kangta’s heath.

“ doctor, when will he be awake?”

His expression was sad. “ I don’t know ma’m. It’s up to him on wether or not he wants to come back, but you should do a lot of talking to him. Maybe that would help.” the doctor left to see his other patients.

Before I visit Kangta I went to check on Takeshi again. He was half awake that time.
As I help him sit up, I bought the soup over to him.

“ I don’t know what kind of soup you like, but I heard it’s good to eat rice soup at a time like this.”

“ thanks!” I took the bowl from her, but she insist on feeding me. Watching carefully at every move she made towards me had cure my soul. I wish the time just freeze here where there’s only me and one else for her to worry about except me, but I know that’s very greedy of me...
“ Why won’t you go check on Kangta?”

“It’s okay. I’ll stay here with you until you get better.”

“ no, it’s okay...really...I think he needs you more than I do right now.” each words I says had send a needle through my heart. She look at me and before she headed to Kangta....

“Thanks for understanding.” she kiss me on the forehead which had drive away all my pain I just felt.

(In Kangta room)

“ hey kangta! It’s me! How are you doing?” I pull a chair next to the bed.

“ thanks....for what you did back there......”
“.............”“ I’m really flatter.” I lay my head on the bed as I look at him. It begin to rain outside...Why would a guy like him waste his time on me for? He show know there’s nothing to get out of me..... I can’t return his love, because I, myself doesn’t even know what love is....

Day by day I would come and visit him. Sometimes I even clean him up with the towel so his body wouldn’t smell. Mr.WOO came to visit his son from time to time. He didn’t blame me for what

happen. In the afternoon I would read to him and at night I would talk to him about my daily life, but there was no movement from him. I felt guilty for what happen to him. I’ve been waiting to

visit the other side of life, but he took my place. Life is just life.... it doesn’t matter when it’s my turn to leave this place, but I wish it would come soon. There’s nothing peaceful in this world except war that has been going around, where people can’t wait to take control of others.

I look at him. “Lucky you....I wish it was me in that bed then I wouldn’t have to face this world.” I walk to the window. “.... I would give anything to escape from start a live where there’s me and now one else....” I turn to face him again with a high spirit. “ but the more I want something the more I can’t have. That’s how lives goes.”

Two weeks later Takeshi left the hospital and in two months before kangta awakens, the war between Snake and Tiger VS. me and Danny.

I called Danny and soon he arrive at our hideout. “They’re waiting for us behind the bridge.”

“ alright.”-I walk to the table where we set our plan. “I’ll take one thousand men with me to meet them there. Danny, you’ll take the other thousand men with you. If they decided to play unevenly than that’s when you come out.”

he nodded. One of Danny’s men ran up to us. “Their people are about a thousand, boss.”

“Good. I want this fight to be fair.”-danny

we arrive there shortly and I was wearing all black with my hair tied up. As we step up to them so did his troop who follow behind. “Let’s settle this once and for all. The person who win get to keep the South and West side.” Snake smirk. He and I back away to let our men go first.

“KILL THEM!!!” he yell. I held out my sword as I wait for them to come. Two of my men was stab, but four of his was kill. The fight continue with more people getting wounded and soon the place was covered with blood. four guys came after me with there weapons in each hand.

I ran towards them as I slash a guy in front of me while dodging the other three. I turn to my right and chop the guy head and as the third guy came to me with a big knife, I grab the fourth guy and threw it at him. Causing him to stab his member. I pull out a small knife and threw it at the guy coming at me, between his head. He stood there for a second then fell to the ground. I quickly turn my head to the other two awhile ago and kill them with me sword. I ran to the other side of my enemy, killing who ever was in front of me. I spot him....Snake, he was killing everyone of my men. Chopping their arms, legs, and head off. With my quickness I slash his arm which was facing me. He turn my way and the real battle begins. He came forward and so did I . I gave him a large cut in the stomach as he try to aim for my head, but miss when I came forward again,but only this time I made him bleed more. His men gain up on me, but I I knock them off. I return to the fight I had with Snake as my face and arms were bleeding. We fought the whole time until his troop became smaller and that’s when he called for Tiger so I gave Danny the sign. More people begin to die in this battle of mine. While fighting with Snake I took a glimpse of how Danny was doing. He got bruises and scars, but it didn’t stop him for beating the hel*l out of Tiger. When the sun begin to raise the battle was over with Snake in my hand and Tiger in Danny’s. We plan on torturing them for the death of our men.

“ bring him to the hide out.” Inside he tied them to the wall. My body was cover with blood, but for now I could care less.

Danny pull the chair towards him and put his feet on top of it for support.

“ what do you want to do with them?”-danny

“Let’s teach these fuc</>kers a lesson about messing with us.” I smirk.

“What do you have in mind?” wiping the blood off his face.

“ I have a lot of torturing ways in mind. Just name one and I’ll show you...”

They look scare, but still act cool.

“ kill us if you want! As long was we have our pride...” I took the small knife and send it across his face. “Ahh...GRR...” Then I add some salt to it.

He sream even more. “That sting, b***h!” I add more salt on his cheek “Awww! You poor thing!” I said with an innocent face then change back to my normal self. I look at Danny. “ don’t you like it when they cried for help?” Danny laugh.

“So want will we do with this guy?” he point at Tiger.

“do whatever you want with him. I’m only interesting in the one.” I grab his neck and squeeze it.

“Alright.” -Danny
danny began torturing him by placing him on the table then lay a rat on his stomach while covering the rat up bucket . He begin to make the bucket hot so that the rat will slowly dig into Tiger’s stomach to escape the heat.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! HELP ME! GET IT OFF MEE!!!!!!!” he scream for his life. We stood there laughing. I turn to Snake, seeing the horror in his eyes I ask. “ would you like that too?” he shook his head left to right. I smirk.
While Danny continue to torture his enemy with everything he come up with I play a game with mine. If he get it wrong he will be punish and if he get it right?.....[laughing]...he’ll still get punish.

“ lets play a game. I ask you a question and you’ll answer it. “

he look frighten as his mind wonder what I would do to him if he get it wrong.

“ which one is my favorit man?” I move away so he can pick as my man stood on the back with their hands folded.

“ him?....” he pointed to the right.


I cut his arm open and place an insect which can eat your skin least than a minute. I waited for a minute then I burn the insect that was eatting inside his skin. He cried out in terror.

“ TSK TSK TSK .... what’s wrong? The game just begin. You don’t have to get that excited.” I round my eyes.

I ask him another qustion, got it wrong. So I torture him some more until the third question where he got it right.

“ wow! One out of three you got right. Good for you!” I fake a smile.

“Since you get to meet my new pet!” I pointed proudly at my fish tank. His eyes got bigger. “Please....STOP TORTURING ME....I’ll do anything!” He move his head away from the tank as my man try to put it into the tank.

“.....but I want to.” I put on a sweet face. “ deserve it. If you’re going to blame it on someone, blame it on yourself for joining the BLACK EYES.” I put his face hard in the tank as the fish inside gather quickly to take a bite out of his face. Then I pull him back up. “ how do you like my parana?” ( I’m not sure if that’s how you small it. So excuse me for misspelling)

His face was soon over with blood. I threw him to the floor... “lucky for you, your torture ends here since I can’t think of anything else to do with you.” I took the gun behind me and shot him in the head. “ sleep well.” with that I smile and walk away.

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The day Kangta woke up from his sleep, I had left the state to do a business for Mr. Woo.


I arrive at home hoping that she will be there to greet me, but instead I only found my father and his people who was standing behind him. He walks up to me and asks me how I feel.

“Good, but I’m kinda hungry.”

“ I’ll tell Ms. Park to make you your favorite beef steak.”

Before he called Ms. Park over, I asked him. “How do you know what kind of food I like when you never ask about it?”

“Now son, don’t give me that.” He gave me a look. “Ashley told me before she left to the airport.”

“ What?” How come whenever I want to see her there’s always something in the way? Thinking to myself . . .

My father walks with me to the dinning room. “Is there something going on with you two?”

“Huh?” I said confuse.

“ Well, when you were sick she always came by to see you.”

Hearing what my father just said had made me feel much better . . . so she DOES CARE ABOUT ME . . .

“Well, I’m off to work now. Get some rest.”

“Wait! ...uhs . . . when will she be back? “

“Ten months. “


“After she’s done with the business trip, she’s taking a trip to America.”
“What for?”

“That, you should ask her yourself.”

“But...!” he left before I can finish.


The day begins fine without her around, but as each day goes by I miss her like crazy. Every where I go her face just pop up and whenever I pass her room I thought I saw her, but it was just my mind that’s playing trick on me.

(At work the next day.)

“Excuse me sir....” a girl walks in the room after knocking at the door.

My mind was wondering off when I heard someone ask for me. I look up. It was her . . .
” ASHLEY!” I got out of my chair and gave her a hug.

“ Sir! I’m sorry, but you got the wrong person.”

I look at her.”Huh?”

“ My name is Yumi and I bearly start working here.”

I look at her up and down. She looks exactly like Ashley, but if you look closely she only look half like her.
“ Sorry” I put a hand on my head . I have to get out of here....

“ I’m not feeling good right now. So whatever you need, talk to my father and he’ll take care of it.”

I walk out of the room.


I wonder who’s ASHLEY?....

I arrived at home and went upstairs. I pass by Ashley’s room and was about to enter mine when I decided to take a look inside her room.

I open the door and walk in. I look around carefully while tracing every step she takes when she was still here. I look in her closet and the smell of her clothes had brought her back to me. Not able to control myself I held onto her clothes. My cell phone rang, but I ignore it until it continues to ring again and again. I pick up the phone feeling piss, because of the distraction it made.

“This is Kangta. May I ask who’s on the other line?” I ask with an angry tone.

“ I’ll call you back when you’re in a better mood.”

That voice!......

“NO! WAIT!... Don’t....” I walk to the bed and sat down

“How’s your trip?”

“ Good. I like it here. It makes me feel...happy.. I guess....”

“Oh... how long are you planning to stay there?” the question worries me...

“ I don’t know yet.... look I have to go. Bye.” she hung up, but her voice was still there.

I can’t take this anymore. I’m going to find her.

Five weeks later I brought a ticket to America and three days afterward I arrive there.

I thought to myself after I took a trip around the city. No wonder why she likes it here. Everyone seem to be kind, nice and very polite.

I found out where she live and went to see her, but I decided to follow her and see what’s she up to.

She went inside an ice cream store and there I spotted her talking happily to a guy with brown hair.


(Flash back)

I was walking around the street when I had a taste for ice cream. I step inside and order a coffee ice cream with almonds in it. I sat on one of the chairs to my left while waiting for my delicious ice cream.

Then I look around the store and found out there’s no customer here except me. Soon the guy brought me my ice cream and when he speaks.... I was lost in the wonderland. My heart begins to beat faster and faster.

“Hi!” he says

“Hi!” I blush.

“ You don’t mind if I sit here?” he asks


There was silent for a while until I ask him. “ How come there’s no customer here?”

“People here are too busy to sit down and enjoy their ice cream since this is a busy city.”

“Oh I see.”

Whenever I see him, the feeling suddenly rises and I never understand why, but every day I would stop by his shop and one day we begin to talk more often. Days after days we became close friends.

“Hi Ashley! I notice it’s getting colder during this season so I bought you a jacket so you wouldn’t catch a cold.” He took it out of the bag and put it around me. I smile at him.

“I’m not sick or anything. You shouldn’t bother buying it for me and now I feel sad, because I don’t have anything for you.” I look out the window.

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He laughed a bit then took a seat in front of me. “It doesn’t matter. I just don’t want to see you get sick.”

Somehow I can only show my real smile when I’m with him. It’s probably, because he doesn’t know anything about my past or care who I use to be except that I’m ASHLEY.

There’s time where I grew weak around him when he starts caring for me. I never met a guy
who cares mostly about everyone else than himself. Sometimes after I visit Mr. Kwon I would bring him lunch from home and we would get it together. Those were the time I would never forget, because it had brought joy into my life when I found out I had a huge crush on him.

(End flashback)

It was Saturday that I visit his shop and saw how busy he was so I went to the counter and help him out. It took us awhile before we were able to sit down and have lunch together like everyday.

After lunch....” your food are delicious, Ashley! I can’t wait to introduce you to my girlfriend.”

He says with a smile. I suddenly felt a needle in my heart, but I show no reaction except......

“ REALLY?! That’s great! You never told me you had a girlfriend before and I thought we were friends.” I gave him that angry look and then a smile.

he place a his hand on his chin and say...” hermmm...I guess I forgot.”

“ you what?! How can you forgot something big like this? So when can I meet her? How about tomorrow? No...wait..., no...I’m busy that day...hummm...” I was still thinking when he interrupt me.

“ hahahha! You’re more excited about meeting her then I introducing you two.” still laughing I ask him.

“ how about Friday?”

“Sure! I’ll plan a dinner for the three of us.”

“What?! You? Hahhahaha! Come on! You can’t cook. You’ll burn your house down. Don’t you remember when I let you cook dinner? You forgot the food in the oven and you left it there for so long that the WHOLE THING BURNS DOWN. Hahahahah!” I held onto my stomach as I laugh

(Kangta POV.)

When I saw her laugh so hard I wonder what he said that made her laughter came out freely?


He look at me with a funny face. “Okay...okay so I did mess up that time, but it won’t happen again. Trust me! It won’t.” he gave me a sure look. Of course it won’t, because you going to buy your food and say you made it like you did last time.”

He try to denied it. “That...I was just testing you.”

“Sure you did. Like I didn’t know you order it from Italian Restaurant.” I round my eyes and laugh. “ well, it’s getting late and I have to go home now.”

“ hey! I CAN COOK YOU KNOW!” yell after me. I continue to laugh, because I know it annoy him.

When I got home I just brush my teeth and went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. The feeling inside....what is it?......I was a little hurt when he told me he had a girlfriend and at the same time I was sharing his joy, because I can tell she had made him very happy. The next day I arrive at Mr. Kwon office for a meeting and when it was over I saw Takeshi coming my way.

“Hello Ashley! Are you busy?” he ask me.

“ I don’t know. It depends on if you’re asking me to dinner.” I say as I gave him my hand.

We arrive at the restaurant shortly and begin to order our food. I was looking at him and admiring him for doing the things that hurt him and still doing it, because it makes the other person happy.

He look at me.” Is there something wrong?”

“No.” I smile at him and after dinner we took a walk around the lake.

When I arrive home I walk straight to my room without turning on the light. I change into a shirt and a short. I walk out of my room to the living room and just when I reach to turn the light on I heard foot steps. I slowly took a knife from its container near the switch and listen carefully to the foot steps as it move closer to me. Only an inch away I held the knife next to his neck.

“Who are you?” I turn the switch on and it was.....


The light turns on and something of hers remind me of my high school crush....

“ I ASK YOU, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO SNEAK INTO MY HOME?” she glare into my eyes and thought was interrupted when she push my back to the sink and shove the knife too hard against my neck that it bleeds. She pull me by my collar. “ ANSWER ME, YOU ****ER!!!!!” Her voice was fill with anger.

“You have a beautiful, most innocent face I ever seen. You know that, but what a b***h you are.”

She smirk. “ yes, I am a B!TCH and so WHAT?” again she smirk with her head facing right then back at me. “ you say it like it’s a bad thing. Hah!”

“ You know that you remind me of someone.” I kept the conversation going and hoping she would loosen her hold.

“Oh really, enough of the talking what the hell are you doing here and who are you?”

“ I heard you and your friend killed both members of BLACK EYES.”

“Yea and so? ”

“ I came here to return the favor.”

She smiles and it shows that she had been expecting this. “ All right, lets go.”

She pushed me out of the way and threw the knife in the sink and stood there ready to fight.

Why wouldn’t she use the knife? I shake the thought of it out of my head as she headed my way.

( Author POV.)

Ashley begins the fight with a punch which land half way on his face, because he had dodged it. He quickly grabs her hand and twists it, but she twists her hand back and escape from his hold. Then she starts to grab his shoulder with both hands and pull him down so she can kick him in the stomach. After the fifth hit, he blocks the coming one. He pushes her away and only hits her lightly, because she was a girl.

“Are you even a man?” -Ashley

“What?”- the guy

While she asks him a question, she threw her fist at him and hit one of his eyes. Then he back down a little.

“I’ll show you want kind of man I am.”- the guy

He took a step toward her and they continue their fighting. They were kicking and punching back and forth. In the middle of this scene when the guy tries to grab her, she bent down and trip him. As he fell, he uses that couple of second to bring her down with him.

She fell down next to him and hit him in the stomach with her elbow. Without thinking, he quickly grabs her hand and pulls it behind her. She tries to move, but he had got a hold of her. While there was nothing to hold her legs, she kicks it hard between his legs which was wide open.

He releases her and held onto his little brother. His face was red like a tomato and every word that came out of his mouth were curse words.

“B!TCH! WHY THE F!UCK DO YOU HAVE TO AIM FOR THAT PLACE!!” while holding on to his penis he tries to punch her, but miss.

She takes a step back. “ AWWWWwww! That must hurt a lot, huh?” she gave him a fake innocent look. Then stood there with a satisfied look.

“ Don’t give me that, b!tch!!!” - the guy looks at her.

“ Don’t give you what? This?” Before he can answer her, she kicks him in the stomach, which send him sliding on the floor. She was planning to kick him where it hurts most( which by the way you all know where that is. Wink ^_^) , but if she did and that thing doesn’t work right, she’ll be responsible for how his kids might look like.

“ You know what? I think I had my fun and now I need my beauty sleep so if you don’t mind we can finish this next time. Ok? Okay.” She put on a smile and walk pass him to her room.

“ Don’t forget to close the door when you leave.”

He stood up. “ This fight is not over until I say so.” He pulls her by the wrist and push her to the place she was standing awhile ago.

The fight started and couple of minutes later the door swung open and it was......

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It was easy for me to open the door without the keys since I’m an expert on it. Inside I found Ashley fighting with a guy and I ran towards them.

I got in the fight and finish it for her while she was standing behind me the whole time. When the fight ends with neither of us win I ask him....

“ If you’re looking for a fight, I’m always available just leave her alone.”

“Thanks Kangta, but I can handle my problem on my own.”-Ashley

“If you’re not her boyfriend then stay out of our business.” The guy says.


Ashley pulls me by the hand and signal me to shut up. I kept quiet.

“Since you’re so determine to kill me then lets finish it.” Hearing what she says I quickly look at her and my heart starts to beat with concern of what might happen to her if she loose the fight.

The fight was about to begin when the guy’s cell phone rang and he has to go.

“We’ll finish this next time.”


When he left, she turned to face me. “What are you doing here?”
Without waiting for my reply, she walked to the living room and sat on the sofa. I follow behind and took a seat next to her. I couldn’t find a good reason to tell her as each second pass by.

“If you can’t find a good reason then forget I even ask,.” Feeling relieve I look around for the controller, but stop when I spot it in her hand. She turns the t.v. on and we sat there in silence for the whole night.


I was in Mr. Kim’s house waiting for Takeshi to come downstairs so we can have lunch together since he called me earlier and ask if I was hungry.

“Ashley, what are you doing here? I was suppose to pick you up.” He walks toward me.

“Yea, but I didn’t feel like bothering you. So . . . can we go now?” I stood up.

“Sure” he went to open the door as I bow to his parents.

“ Have fun!” they scream.

“ You’re looking lovely today, Ashley.” He smiles at me.

“ Thanks!” I was wearing a tight black dress.

(In the car)

“ Where would you like to eat?”- Takeshi.

“Anywhere is fine with me.” I smile.

“Okay. What’s your favorite food?” he asks, looking my way.

“ Italian food.”

“ Then that’s where we’ll go.” He smiles brightly at me.


After he orders his food, it was my turn.

“ What would you like to eat m’am?” the waiter asks me.

“ Can I have a pasta?”

“Sure.”- waiter.

While we were waiting for our food, Takeshi begins the conversation, but my mind was wondering off.... I couldn’t stop thinking about Edward. When the food arrives, my mind was still somewhere else.
“ Ashley.....”


“Ashley, is there something wrong?”.

“ I’m fine....” I smile to let him know that I was okay when I’m really not.

Throughout the meal I hardly touch my food. When lunch was over I told him to drive me home. Inside the car I lay my head against the window. Takeshi who saw this thought I was sick, because he never seen me like this before.
I guess there’s always a first for everything.

( at home)

(Author POV.)

She grabbed her car keys and headed to the supermarket. Inside the store she rushes to every section and quickly take what she needs for tonight dinner. When she had gathered everything, she went up to the cashier, but then she remembers there’s one thing she forgot to buy. So she ended up going back and when she got there she saw two couple helping each other picking out things. She stood there admiring how happy the couple are. She slowly passes by them with her eyes still on them and as she reaches for the seasoning sauce, the two couple passes by her.

“Let me carry that for you.”- the guy says.

“ Thank you honey!” she replies with a smile.

They walk hand in hand and disappear around the corner.

Seeing how the two couple are so close remind her of Brain and his girlfriend. She place the seasoning sauce in the car and push it around. With her mind wondering off somewhere else, she begins to grab whatever she passes by. When she place a cereal box in the car it fell down, because the car was fill with so many items that there was no more space left. Thanks to the sound it made when it drop to the ground, her mind had return to the real world.

She picks up the cereal box and look at the car. When did I get these? She thought to herself. She sighs a little bit before telling herself...” what are you doing?! Wake up!” she put back everything she doesn’t need to its original place and went to the cashier. Afterward she drove home and began to cook. While she was cooking, she tries her best to get the picture of Brain and his girlfriend out of her mind, but it was no use.

“ OUCH!” she screams. She had accidently cut herself while chopping the onion. After she places a bandage on it, she continues with her cooking and when it was done she called Brain.

“ It’s me Brain. Come over to my house at 8:00 p.m. With your girlfriend. I made dinner for the three of us.”-Ashley

“That’s very sweet of you Ashley, but didn’t I tell you that I will be making dinner tonight?”- he jokes.

She put on a sad tone. “ I guess I have to throw the food away then.”

“ We’ll be there.” With that he hangs up the phone.

She stood there thinking. I better put on something nice for him. With that she smiled and went to the bathroom to change. She had forgotten completely that his girlfriend would be there too.

The door bell rang and she open it. She was very disappointed to see the next person when she open the door wider, but she gave no sign of disappointment.

“ Wow! This must be your beautiful girlfriend.” She smiles at him then at the girl.

The girl blush a little.

“ Look what you did to my girlfriend. You made her blush.”

He points at her cheek and she tries to cover it which made her look more adorable.

They sat around the table as Ashley brought the plate of food to the dinning room with the girl helping her from behind.

When the food was on the table and everyone sat down Brain begins to introduce them.

“ Ashley this is Mary-Kate. Mary-Kate this is Ashley.” He says as he stood up from the table. The girls shake each other hands with a bright smile. Mary-Kate begins to ask Ashley about herself and other things while Ashley replies to every question. When the three grew comfortable around each other, Ashley grabs a meat and place it on Mary-Kate dish.

“Here. Try this. It tastes really good.” She smiles warmly at the girl.

“ Thank you. I heard Brain said you like vegetables so here.”

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She places some lettuce on Ashley plate. “Thanks! That’s very kind of you.”

The girl blushes again. “ How come nobody wants to feed me?” came Brain.

The girls giggle and place some food on his plate.

“Now that’s more like it.” He smiles at them.

“Eat some of this. It’s really healthy for your skin.” He places the food on his girlfriend’s plate and she also places food on his. They went back and forth like this while Ashley watches them. As she did, she felt her heart ache and to hide the sadness she continues eating none stop. Every once in a while when she looks up, it just gives her more sorrow. When dinner was finish, Mary-Kate offers to help her with the dishes, but she told Mary-Kate to sit down and enjoy the evening with Brain. They stay there for an hour or more watching T.V. and before they leave Mary-Kate gave Ashley a gift.

She looks at Mary-Kate confuse.

“ I know you and Brain are close friends and when Brain told me you made dinner for us. I wanted to buy you something to repay your kindness.”

Ashley smiles at her. “ You don’t have to pay me anything. Just promise me you guys will never part?” the words hurt her deep down, but she pushes it aside.

Mary-Kate and Brain look at each other and smile then back at Ashley. “ We won’t” they say then head out.

Ashley waited for a few minutes before following them from behind.

She watches the two couple happily walking side by side, holding hands, and smiling at each other.
Mary-Kate rest her head on Brain’s shoulder as they continue walking to the parking lot.
When they got to the car, the rain began to rain with small drops.

Then it begins to rain hard when Brain’s car pass by. The couple did not see Ashley, because she was hiding behind the wall of the building. She stood there all wet while holding on to herself. Her eyes were all watery, but there were no tears. She walks to the middle of the street trying to get a better vision of the car, but it was no use. “ So this is how it feels . . . ” she says softly in the rain.

“ Yes . . . this is how it feels to love someone without being love in return.”

“Huh?” she looks up at the face who looks down at her. She turns her body to him and he held onto her tightly.

“ You will always have me to turn to.” He whispers in the rain. They stood there holding on to each other.

Behind the wood stood Takeshi who was holding an umbrella, but it had drops slowly to the ground from his hand. He saw everything and knew that he was too late, because Kangta had caught up to her before he did. Now all he could do was watch . . . watch the girl he love most and the guy who will win her from him.

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