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Posted by Dj4BoA on 03-14-2004 04:52 AM:

VRadio DJ Application

VRadio is looking for new west/central/east coast females b> and males who are interested in djing for VRadio.

Experience with djing is preferred but people who have the heart and passion to stay dedicated may apply.

- Atleast 16 years old (females 14+ ok)
- Winamp 2 or 5
- Shoutcast Plugin
- Crisp and Clear Microphone
- large asian or english music libary
- 4+ hours a week available to dj for part time
- 8+ hours a week available to dj for full time
- help pay for VRADIO expenses($10 or less)
and most importantly the charisma and individuality and willingness to put up a good show for our fans.

If this is you, please reply to this thread and email darren@vradionation.com[/email] with two paragraphs describing yourself. We will leave the application open so be creative and tell us about yourself.

Please note, pictures of yourself,sound clips of you performing a song, advertising the station, or even just reading your favorite poem will help greatly in our final decision.

So what are you waiting for? Get to your application and send to [email]darren@vradionation.com

Posted by J-DraGoNz on 03-18-2004 01:51 AM:

i was followin ya till i saw the $10 contribution lol. maybe...is that monthly? o.O





Posted by Dj4BoA on 03-19-2004 02:45 PM:

sorry, i talked to some of my djs and my sponsor has dropped the server fee, if its possible for the djs to pay 5 a month (when its necessary) I'd really appreciate it.

email me if ur interested... my djs who've joined since nov haven't paid a penny


site: http://vradionation.com
xanga: http://xanga.com/hukgwai
findapix: http://dmgaru.findapix.com

Posted by kmin012 on 11-20-2004 06:26 AM:

I think I'll try out, maybe.

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