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how do i download mp3s?
all mp3s should initially be saved to your harddrive by right click 'save target as...'. afterwords, if the file extension does not end with .wma, you should rename it to .zip. some windows machine hide file extensions by default, which you can disable by going to tools -> folder options -> view -> uncheck: hide extension for known file types. after you rename the file extension, you should use a zip program to unzip the file. once this is done, you will be able to play the .mp3 with your favorite media player. if the downloaded file ends with .wma, you may play it right away.
how do i download music videos?
please use hinet recorder to download music videos. you will have to associate 'windows meta files (.asf, .asx, .wmx)' with hinet recorder in order for hinet recorder to automatically download media files from your browser. in order to do this, please run hinet recorder, right click anywhere in the program, select preferences, and check 'windows meta files (.asf, .asx, .wmx)'.
how can i make a request?
please go to the forums to make a request. though i do look over them from time to time, i cannot garantee i will fulfill all your requests.
who should i report a broken link?
please send an email to report@jusunlee.com.
what is a topsite and how does it work?
a topsite is a collection of links very much like a portal except the links that get the most incoming hits are higher up in the rankings. therefore to ensure a high ranking in our topsite, webmasters must provide a link back from their site to ours using the link provided during sign up. in theory the more popular sites are guaranteed to have higher rankings, because these sites already have more users visiting who may in turn proceed to our site through the link. consequently a higher rank in our topsite would mean visitors of jusunlee.com are more likely to visit their site.
how can i support this site?
i do not make any money from this site, and pay for all the expenses myself. thus, any type of monetary support will be greatly appreciated. you may donate to me via paypal or sign up for a webhosting service. either way, it will help me (and you) continue to maintain this site.
what are the optimal settings to view this site?
this site is compatible with internet explorer 5+ or netscape 6+. you should upgrade your browser if you do not meet these requirements. moreover, this site is designed for 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution on either 16 or 32 bit colors.
what should i do if this faq didnt help me?
if you have another question, or find this faq unhelpful, please refer to the forums. there, you will find a large support base who will be willing to help you. additionally, if you find the forums to be no help to you, you may contact me at support@jusunlee.com. ill try my best to answer your questions.