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kristinesa.com: Just a few months after the release of her debut album, "I Never Knew", Kristine Sa stands as one of Asian-America's brightest hopes to make it in mainstream pop music. With her recent release, Kristine has caught the attention of media and fans all over the US and as far away as Taiwan, Australia, and the UK. Even radio, a medium that has been notoriously devoid of Asian-American music in all but a few select areas, has caught on, and XM satellite radio channel 29 UPOP, mix shows, and college radio stations around the nation have begun to put Kristine's songs into rotation.

Although sudden, Kristine's success is no accident. Her sweet, sultry voice and the vision of her producers have come together to create a unique combination of upbeat pop songs, emotion-filled ballads, and experimental tracks. Just as important as her musical abilities, however, is that together with her label, Nemesis Records, Kristine has maintained a strong dedication to the Asian-American culture. Together, her talents and dedication have brought Kristine to where she is now and will continue to push the forefront of Asian-American pop music for what we hope is many years to come.

Listen to a few songs off "I Never Knew" and catch a glimpse of this talented young star by dropping by Kristine's official website at www.kristinesa.com.


A crumpled leaf fell from the ground
and landed on a tree.
A drop of rain rippled through the sky,
it had fallen from the sea.
An owl closed his eyes at ten,
and slept throughout the night.
A touch of water kissed a wick,
and lit the candle bright.
Who talks of the impossible?
I say they should wake up.
For bees can very well be stung
by baby buttercups.
Truth is nothing but a lie,
and reality is a dream.
Once awaken, you'll find the world
Is not to what it seems.
To every rule made in life,
an exemption is conceived.
Anything is possible, if only you believe.

-Anything Is Possible by Kristine Sa

Dreams. A vision of reality that we wish to be true. These dreams allow Kristine Sa to share her gifts for words and song with others. Her vision of love, and the pain of reality are the two things that she intimately shares with listeners on her debut album "I Never Knew" - A collection of songs chronicling the end of a bad romantic relationship and the beginning of a new one. Incorporating poetry into her music [Track 5 "Beautiful", Track 6 "Nexusbeta/Parallel Fates"], Kristine adds a touch of invention to her upbeat pop songs and aching ballads. "I Never Knew" is the sound of both a breaking heart and of breaking convention.

A young singer/songwriter with a sultry voice of gold, Kristine was born in 1982 and immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the age of 6. Watching her older sister rise to fame as a singer in the local music industry, she harbored dreams of her own career in entertainment, but kept them to herself. After all, her sister was the gifted one in the family. Secretly writing songs and recording them in her basement, she hid her growing talent for years. In 1998 at the age of 16, Kristine took the first shot at her dream and joined an all girl group. Mismanaged and unorganized the group quickly fell apart, but not before her voice left an impression on a friend who referred Kristine to a start up label in New York City. Looking for an artist to record, Nemesis Records convinced Kristine to record for the new label after having read poetry from her internet homepage and listening to the songs that Kristine had been secretly recording over the years.

For 2 years Kristine flew back and forth between Toronto and New York on the weekends to record with Nemesis while going to school full time. During that time, some of her completed songs were released as promotional mp3s and Kristine amassed a following the world over. When "I Never Knew" was finally released in February of 2002, sales exploded and CDs were sold to fans all over the US and as far away as Taiwan, Australia and The UK. Recently, radio has caught on and XM satellite radio as well as college radio have started playing Kristine's emotional songs. As more people discover her music, Kristine's dreams are slowly becoming reality.

Anything is possible, if only you believe.

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