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zandd.com: Having been in college for a while now, I have seen many college girls and guys worry over their perfect guy or perfect girl. This is especially more prevalent among girls who have this burning desire to find their perfect guy. They spend hours looking in front of the mirror to look good for the guys. Many of them have grand expectations that would break many guys' hearts. A typical guy they seem to want is a tall, slender, and handsome man who is kind with generous with money; someone with a really nice car, and who will soon be attending a law, medical, or dental school somewhere in the East Coast.

I know that this does not apply to all girls, but a lot of girls in college do have these huge expectations for their "man." I've known plenty of women who just have too many expectations. There are also guys who have certain expectation about girls, although not as demanding. The typical girl must have a decent sized chest, be slender but not too skinny, be smart, and treat their man like a King. This means pampering them and doing errands for them like you see in those Japanese anime cartoons. A perfect fantasy for many guys; a curse to many women who feel this is degrading. I happen to agree with them.

All I can offer about guy and girl relationships is that we must emphasize inner beauty over physical beauty. Having high expectations seems to only disappoint those who chase after it. Having someone who is too handsome or too rich may not be such a nice guy or girl when you get to know him/her. I really stress that even if that certain guy or girl does not meet your expectations, as long as he or she loves and cares for you it will be okay. After all, isn't the whole point of hooking up a transition to getting married? Even if that guy or gal is not perfect, as long as they are nice, kind, and willing to please you, isn't that what you really want?

I used to worry a lot about myself when a lot of my friends were getting hooked up and I wasn't. I'm afraid I still haven't hooked up with anyone and I don't see a future where I would have my arms around one. I particularly don't have high expectations, but I don't have a low expectation in choosing that perfect gal. I'm sure there are many of you out there trying to find that perfect person. This becomes even more relevant when we attend college. Many guys and girls seem desperate to hook up with someone before they graduate. I've seen and heard plenty of stories from people having guy or girl problems. I do admit I worry over this prospect of being alone when I graduate. Yet, there probably is more to life then having a relationship. I, for one, will strive for the higher stars, and someday reach the star that is fated to me.

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