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My article this month is about church and religion. But before I go bad-mouth church and religion and lose half of whatever readers I have, let me make my agenda clear. Yes, I go to church. But no, I do not call myself a Christian. Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ, God, Holy Spirit, and I go to church. But no, I do not act in "Christian-like" ways. I am writing this article to express my disapproval of church and I would LOVE to have people to respond to this article and express there feelings as well. I don't know if what happens is only at my church, but if it is I apologize in advance. But here are my disapprovals.

1. Money
Why does church always express the need for money? I do not understand. Yes, they need money to afford equipment, and try to expand on the ministry of God, but do they have to spend a millions of dollars on video equipment, tennis courts, apartment complexes, gymnasiums, and cafes? And why does my pastor want to know how much I put in for my offering? Shouldn't what I put in for offering be my offering to God and my God only? Reasons to disclose this information to others is not given in the bible. It is my privacy and I wish to keep it my privacy.

2. Gossip at church
Why do the adults gossip so much at church? About which kids are bad, and which kids are going out with each other, etc. Why don't they stick out of other peoples' businesses and stick to there own? It's not like they live in perfect worlds. And why in the world do parents rat out some kid to their parents because of smoking while their own kid is doing the same thing? Funny, huh? Yea, that's what I'm saying.

3. Hypocrites
I see so many hypocrites at church. They act all holy at church, but outside of church, they smoke, cuss, and fight just like all other kids. Yea, I'm like that, but I don't boast myself about being a "good Christian." Others do. I know some people that say, "F**K! Don't f**king cuss!" Funny how they are the Christians that will lead the church in the 21st century. But, I do not call all Christians hypocrites. I look at my JDSN and see him as a model Christian. My girlfriend is a strong believer and is very faithful. So, I know not all Christians are hypocrites. But about 90%...

4. Questions about religions
I have had a lot of questions about the bible, a lot of things that I doubt. This has shaken my faith very much. It has been hard to believe in things that are said in the bible. Here are some questions I have that you may have never ever thought of before.

*If God does control everything and if he loves us, why does he send us to hell?

*If everyone is born as sinners, what happens to babies that are born and die in 2 minutes?

*If the man was created within a week...then where do dinosaurs come in?

*Are there any aliens? How do we know we're the only ones alive?

Those are a few questions I have that shake my faith. The last one is funny. Anyway, I wasn't trying to hurt the church in any way, but those are questions which I wonder about.

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