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jusunlee.com was actually started up around december 2001 as a community forum for my friends to hang out in. it was originally hosted on a free hypermart account but after the 41st friend joined, the traffic the site was receiving forced me to move to a different host. after several attempts to switch to other free hosting services which went pretty badly, i decided to shut down the site with a promise to my friends that it would be back online someday.

there were many memorable moments during this 'pre-release' of jusunlee.com. one of our funniest member was no one other then the current ken versus ryu. the most contributive and supportive was alecks. krnxswat and scooter17 were also members who made a lasting impact to the site. and although marvinhyung never joined the forums, he was the first one to suggest i make a large public website. had it not been their continued support, i wonder if this site would ever been possible.

incidentally the same time i shut down the site, most of the more popular k-pop sites also shut down. this was when alecks suggested that i make a k-pop site instead of a site exclusive for my friends. it was a brilliant but practical idea and sometimes i wonder how i could not come up with the idea myself.

three days later, on february 19 2002, jusunlee.com was officially born. the initial site contained mp3s, music videos, movie reviews, and k-pop news.

i quickly began to realize the coming week that there was no way i could keep up with jusunlee.com by myself so i began to hire volunteer news reporters who were to maintain the k-pop news section for me while i concentrated on updating the rest of the site. one of the very first and most helpful person i ended up encountering was uniece, who together with dhlove and mellowyellow, helped bring the k-pop news section of the site alive. many would later remember jusunlee.com not for being an excellent media source but for its excellent news articles that were regularly updated.

after some time, it so happened that while talking to uniece about the origins of jusunlee.com, i showed her the original forums before the k-pop site began. though i never told her, i was overwhelmed by nostalgia while reading all the past threads made in that forum. that little incident with her help instigate the public version of the jusunlee.com forums.

with the forums in place, fans of jusunlee.com now had a place to hang out and meet one another. ken versus ryu, krnxswat, lovedontloveme, and racer_ladi_moon were one of the earliest members who brought their unique and fun loving personalities into the forums, bringing it much to life. taigrr, mellowyellow, and danny luv 1tym soon followed. psytek ver. 2.0 constantly reminded us of the harsh realities of life with his face the facts motto while psychosnowman impressed us with his awesome use of the english vocabulary. tm11 and huby40 were the forum's tacit but deep thinkers, bigchubuff the rowdy trouble making sports and fitness moderator, and crazydeb8ter the crazy debating picture moderator together with junjinluber33. there were a lot of other notable contributive members who greatly influenced the forums in becoming the unique one and only jusunlee.com forums; without them, the forums would have taken an entirely different course, and i apologize for failing to name all of you.

before long, jusunlee.com made itself known as another great k-pop site, comparing to zandd.com, soompi.com, and finally, solid07.net. unfortunately, i abruptly decided to shut down much of the site on june 2002. with only the forums remaining, jusunlee.com was put on hiatus for more than 2 months. not until september 8, 2002 would the site be back online.

presently, jusunlee.com is growing again, and we will continue to grow and expand in order to better suit your needs. you all are the reason that the site started, and the thousands of daily visitors are the reason why i as well as the rest of the team keep on cranking out news articles and mp3s.

we've had our ups and our downs but in the end, it's your support, whether it comes in the form of email or a simple post on our forums that keeps us going; i know it keeps me going on a daily basis. and it's for that support, that i would like to thank you all for, on behalf of the entire jusunlee.com team i would like to say - thank you and take care.

enjoy the site.